Space And Time Partners with Sui Network to Enhance Data Indexing For Developers


The partnership will enhance how Space and Time’s developers interact and build with Sui blockchain on-chain data.

Layer 1 blockchain Sui Network has extended its strategic partnership with Space and Time (SxT), an AI-based blockchain warehouse for data, to integrate the second iteration of Sui’s RPC. The partnership will enable developers and users on SxT to retrieve and build with Sui data in an easier, faster, secure and more affordable way. 

The latest collaboration follows Sui and SxT’s recent partnership that saw the latter provide Sui’s developers with a full stack of zero-knowledge-proof-based tools to help their building process on the Sui network. Following the partnership, SxT will integrate Sui’s RPC 2.0, which was released in January as a GrapgQL RPC service, aiming to make it easier for developers to access on-chain Sui data.  

Evan Cheng, Co-Founder and CEO of Mysten Labs, which was the originator of the Sui Network showed excitement with the latest partnership with SxT stating: 

“This expanded collaboration highlights our commitment to pushing the boundaries of blockchain technology and delivering real-world applications that meet the needs of our users.”

Introducing Sui’s GrapghQL RPC nodes to SxT

The latest advancement by Sui Network (RPC 2.0) will provide developers with a faster, more efficient, and more secure interface through which users and applications can interact with its on-chain blockchain data. Sui’s RPC 2.0 replaces the original Sui RPC with a GrapghQL-based service, which aims to streamline and secure interactions within the Sui ecosystem.

“GraphQL is an open-source data query and manipulation language designed to facilitate the building of expressive APIs and services that require complex data querying.” – Sui’s main website.

As one of the first blockchains to integrate Sui’s RPC 2.0, SxT’s developers will now be able to connect to a more secure and efficient method for users to retrieve and interact with Sui’s data. Apart from faster services and security, the new RPC 2.0 also solves several challenges that current iterations of RPCs face. 

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First, the new RPC provides developers with a more efficient query pattern, offering them a wider field of dynamism and creativity across multiple fields. Additionally, Sui’s RPC 2.0 services and data store will be decoupled from full nodes. The RPC service will read data from its own data store, making the process of retrieving data simpler and faster, which is crucial for developers on Space and Time. 

“Space and Time makes it easy for developers to build analytics, DApps, games and dashboards with ZK-proven Sui data,” Cheng added. “We’re excited to partner with the Space and Time team to integrate Sui’s latest GraphQL-based RPC into SxT and enable users to interact seamlessly with Sui’s data.”

An extended partnership with Sui Network

The latest partnership extends the relationship between Space and Time and Sui Network. The former’s blockchain indexing service currently indexes on-chain data from Sui Network in a real-time, zk-compatible way. SxT retrieves the data and stores an entire copy of the Sui chain in relational tables in its data warehouse, allowing developers to run/query for on-chain data, join it with off-chain data, ZK-prove it, and send the results back to their smart contracts on Sui. 

Speaking on the latest partnership with Sui Network, Scott Dykstra, CTO and Co-Founder of Space and Time, stated: 

“We’re thrilled to now also be supporting the Sui community with the next-gen of RPC nodes, which will make it easier for developers to access on-chain transactions.”

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