SpaceCatch Public Beta: Can You Distinguish Reality from Fiction?

SpaceCatch Public Beta: Can You Distinguish Reality from Fiction?

Did you ever dream of battling alien invaders in a world that seamlessly blends reality with futuristic technology? Then SpaceCatch is launching its Public Beta on April 22, blurring the lines between science fiction and your everyday life! 

Remember the mind-blowing immersion of Sci-Fi movies where the virtual world felt chillingly real?

SpaceCatch is set to deliver a similar experience, but this time, it’s not just a movie; it’s your chance to join a greater community of space catchers within a robust ecosystem.

The Enemy Within SpaceCatch’s Metaverse

In SpaceCatch, the threat is real. Hostile alien forces have invaded our planet, and you’ll take on the role of a defender, wielding cutting-edge technology to combat them. 

Like Neo in The Matrix, you’ll be equipped with powerful tools, but in SpaceCatch, those tools are powered by Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Blockchain, and Web3 principles.

Furthermore, to keep the gameplay challenging, SpaceCatch uses Artificial Intelligence-powered aliens to make the obstacles more thrilling. 

By adding Move-2-Earn and Play-2-Earn features in a Free-2-Play ecosystem, SpaceCatch takes you out of your comfort zone and brings you right into the middle of the action.

Immersive Technologies: Your Gateway to a New World

Remember the iconic red pill, blue pill scene? In SpaceCatch, the choice is clear: embrace the future and join the fight! 

The game utilizes advanced AR and VR technology to overlay virtual elements with the real world. Imagine battling aliens on your street corner, in the park, or anywhere you explore! 

This level of immersion will make you question whether this is real or if it is SpaceCatch.

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Moreover, SpaceCatch goes beyond simply blasting aliens. The Beta is your chance to be a pioneer, helping shape this innovative game’s future. You’ll be an integral part of the game’s evolution by exploring the SpaceCatch world, uncovering hidden mechanics, and providing feedback.

Are you ready to experience the future of gaming?

Forget the passive entertainment of traditional blockchain games, as SpaceCatch is an invitation to become an active participant in a thrilling adventure. 

Join the SpaceCatch Public Beta on April 22 and experience the future of gaming – a future where reality and fiction collide, and you’re in the center of the action! Seats are limited, 20K, so catch your spot now.

Why SpaceCatch Raises the Bar Within the GameFi Industry?

As discussed, SpaceCatch integrates some of the most well-known and innovative technologies that blur the line between reality and fiction. 

But, of course, it only happened with the help of Pixelfield. This professional gaming studio has years of experience under their belt in regards to immersive tech, such as Augmented Reality.

As a result, SpaceCatch has brought new and high best practices within the GameFi industry through its product roadmap, tokenization, utility, outstanding product delivery, and dynamic community culture and support.

Besides this, their level of transparency is unmatched, especially since it offers its fans access to its SpaceCatch News Whitepaper, which presents all devlogs, revealing their development stage and giving an overview of the game itself.  

If we flip the coin, we can see that SpaceCacth’s native token, $CATCH, has seen some positive reinforcements from its fans, selling off in no time during its 3-round presale, and now, since it has been launched on some of the most well-known CEXs, it reached its all-time high over x50 compared to its presale price.

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Stay Updated

If you want to be part of SpaceCatch’s Public Beta launch, check out its official website, and if you’re going to join thousands of catchers, follow them on Telegram, Discord, X (Twitter), YouTube, Instagram, MediumCoinMarketCap, or CoinGecko

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice. 


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