SPEEDY – The Fasted Dog On Fantom Chain Launched!

SPEEDY - The Fasted Dog On Fantom Chain Launched!

New York, USA – Meet Speedy, a name truly befitting his lightning-fast abilities. He resides on the quickest blockchain technology and is eager to demonstrate the advantages of its speed and efficiency. 

Incubated by the first meme foundation on Web3, The GOAT Foundation, Speedy starts a new chapter on the most technologically advanced blockchain to date, Fantom.

Speedy – The fasted dog on blockchain 

Acknowledged globally as the fastest dog on the planet, Speedy lives up to his reputation. His agility isn’t confined to physical feats; it extends impressively into the digital realm.

Residing on the Quickest Blockchain – Fantom

Speedy calls the fastest blockchain his home. This platform transcends mere fast transaction processing; it’s revolutionizing the way businesses operate, value is exchanged, and digital experiences are created. Here, speed meets security, creating an environment ripe for innovation.

Behind the Story, There Is Reason

May it be that a blockchain resides on innovation and technology, on speed and efficiency, but the people using it have a unique cultural aura and form strong communities around ideas, stories, memes, and NFTs.

On the innovation side, the Fantom chain is about to launch the Sonic update, aiming to dramatically scale network performance beyond current limits with transactions per second (TPS) exceeding 2,000, with near-instant finality.

On the cultural side, The GOAT Foundation marks another community innovation for project creators and digital artists for safe launching, funding, and outreach success.

Speedy, being the first incubated project, will probably become a milestone and a cultural catalyst on the FTM chain.

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Brand name: Speedy

Website: https://www.speedy.vip/

Company Email: [email protected] 

Contact Person: Gonzales Spidorius, CIO

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