Stablecoins Shower Octoblock Holders Through DeFi Staking Returns


Octoblock’s ICO holders are all smiles as USDC stablecoins drip into their wallet addresses through the high APY ICO staking process. Octo ICO staking yields an APY of 185.5%, an impressive return, higher than Ethereum staking yields of 4%.

Currently running an exciting ICO, Octoblock’s rich package of offerings is attracting mass adoption to the DeFi space. 

Octoblock Explained

Octoblock is a comprehensively packaged DeFi platform on the Binance Smart Chain. Its strive for accessibility and inclusivity in the DeFi platform, makes it a trendsetter of the new DeFi (the ‘’DeFi 2.0”). Octoblock (OCTO) pursues its mission through various initiatives with a blended Game Fi and DeFi for investor welfare, environmental conservation, and profit sustainability. Octoblock will deploy initiatives that empower all investors whether new or experienced to easily navigate the DeFi arena. Its cross-chain pursuits includes a Coral Cove DEX with a simplified user interface that enables users transition hundreds of cryptocurrencies in various blockchains.


Octoblock’s Platform of Exciting Investor Rewards

Octoblock unveils an innovative approach to beat the hurdles of traditional DeFi investment. Tagged ” DeFI 2.0″, it spices the crypto arena with a fully packaged offering, expected to drive mass adoption of its OCTO token. Octoblock pursues a host of solutions such as Crowd Funded Yield Farming (CFyF), cross-chain DEX, charity, and sustainable profitability. During its ICO phase three, the OCTO price has risen from $0.035 to $0.037 and the APY reward is at 185.5%. The astronomical returns are a testament that its strategies are creating an enormous effect in crypto circles.

The Nautilus Trove handles distribution and investments to sustain the platform and maintain the high APY while retaining liquidity The Trove takes over the ICO funds immediately after an investor completes the purchase and reinvests under ICO staking for high returns. The Trove identifies credible projects and investment options under Beefy Finance. The platform invests in stocks, staking, yield farming, and other medium risks. Investors can participate in a weekly reward scheme where a lucky winner is picked at random and rewarded with USDC stablecoins. There’s also a Tesla draw where a lucky ICO holder chosen randomly after the ICO, but before launch, will drive home a Tesla EV model 3.

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The project also features USDC stablecoin airdrops to wallet addresses chosen weekly, every Monday. The platform schedules a 45% profit allocation to ICO investors, where individual participants get USDC rewards as per percentage of OCTO holdings. ICO participants can monitor the APY performance through the website as it is displayed transparently. The platform has seen a reward distribution of approximately $1026.69, with a treasury TVL of $22,804.

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