Sui Network Announces the Earliest Handheld Web3 Gaming Device


Sui Network, a prominent L1 blockchain, has recently announced another significant project. This time, the platform is releasing the SuiPlay0X1 which is the first of its kind handheld device for web3 gaming to revolutionize the gaming for the consumers. The company disclosed the announcement of this launch on its X account. In this regard, the platform has collaborated with a company called Playtron.

Sui Network Partners with Playtron to Release SuiPlay0X1 for Web3 Games

In its post, the Sui Network noted that the respective device has several capabilities dealing with Web3. As per the firm, Playtron is responsible for powering the respective device. Sui added that the exclusive Web3 gaming gadget facilitates gamers with its latest features. Moreover, it enables users to play more than one type of game.

With this device, the gamers can play Web2 as well as Web3-based games. Keeping that in view, the games specified for mobile and PCs can run on the respective device. Adeniyi Abiodun, the CPO and co-founder of Sui Network, has given the on-stage presentation of the cutting-edge gaming device. The executive additionally provided a detailed description of the benefits that it provides.

Abiodun asserted that the Sui Network has a significant position among the top blockchains dealing with gaming. According to the executive, the platform operates as the finest choice for people who love gaming. Sui Network works under the well-known decentralized company offering DeFi-related tools and infrastructure.

Partners of Mysten Labs to Release Games for Sui Blockchain

At present, the company has not specified the price for the new device. Nevertheless, around $500 would be the potential price for SuiPlay0X1. The gaming device will be able to play diverse popular games present on the storefronts. Mysten Labs additionally has several game collaborators. They intend to launch games specified for the Sui blockchain without gas charges.

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