SUI’s Rally Pauses Amid Ecosystem Progress, AI Altcoin Anticipated to Soar


While market-wide price performance has been delivering recoveries from March lows, SUI has been tanking for days. Sui has always moved in tandem with altcoins like Solana (SOL) and Ethereum (ETH), but despite bullish momentum on SOL and ETH, Sui has fallen. Fortunately, the Sui ecosystem has delivered impressive growth reminiscent of Solana’s performance in 2023. With this, investors wonder if it would be enough for the token to recover.

Investors have also been bullish on InQubeta (QUBE) following the success of its presale. The AI crypto kick-started the ongoing final stage with a 14% surge thanks to high investor demand throughout the event. InQubeta has delivered over 300% returns to investors who got in early on the crypto ICO. Now that InQubeta is preparing to go live, the crypto community is anticipating it soaring.

Let’s explore the performance of SUI and the bullish expectations for InQubeta.


InQubeta’s (QUBE) Offerings And Performance Hints At Upcoming Explosive Rally 

As a new entrant into the crypto scene, InQubeta has gained massive attention among crypto investors. Experts are pegging this on InQubeta’s niche way of delivering value to its investors and the crypto market at large. This niche approach uses NFTs to provide users with the best crypto investment opportunities. By investing in InQubeta’s NFTs, investors can earn life-changing returns as the adoption of AI expands.

What makes InQubeta so special? It uses these NFTs to deliver budget-friendly investment options for retail investors since they’re fractionalized. Through this DeFi approach, InQubeta will also provide crowdfunding for AI startups. These startup companies will mint investment opportunities into NFTs, while InQubeta will list them on its marketplace, where investors can buy them with QUBE.

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InQubeta also has a decentralized governance model that empowers QUBE holders to vote on its future developments. A staking program lets holders lock their tokens on the platform and be rewarded with revenue from its tax pool. By introducing these features, InQubeta offers investors a fully decentralized investing experience. This is why experts in AI technology have dubbed InQubeta the best crypto investment option among top AI cryptos.


InQubeta has been blazing through the last stage of its crypto ICO, providing investors with the final opportunity to get QUBE tokens for a discount. Since owning the tokens gives access to InQubeta’s lucrative features, investors have been scrambling to get into the presale. High demand has led to the sale of over 947 million tokens and more than $13 million in liquidity. Investors can still buy QUBE for just $0.028, and analysts are optimistic about an explosive rally after the presale.

Sui (SUI) Delivers Impressive Ecosystem Growth Despite Token Decline 

The price performance of SUI over the past few weeks has been weak. Even though other altcoins are rebounding from lows, SUI is still struggling to deliver a move to higher prices. From its recent high at $2.1, the token has tanked by over 20%. This kind of decline has cut Sui from ranking among the top cryptocurrencies.

Despite the harrowing movement of its price, Sui recently launched Suilend, its DeFi protocol for developers native to the ecosystem. According to on-chain observers, this is the first time SUI is branching away from the Solana platform. In addition, the TVL  on the Sui’s ecosystem has crossed $500 million, showcasing expansion. Last month alone, the contracts and developers that moved from the Ethereum blockchain to Sui have translated to a massive liquidity of over $310 million.

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Final Thoughts 

Despite the decline in its price, the positive performance of Sui’s ecosystem proves that blockchain users are still bullish on the platform’s potential. With the platform’s steady growth, investors expect it to recover before the end of Q1. InQubeta is another lucrative option to invest in before the end of the quarter. Its early-stage performance suggests that the token is on track to deliver explosive gains. This is the perfect time to invest in InQubeta, especially as it’s offering a 15% bonus on every purchase.

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