Supercharging Growth for Enjin Ecosystem Partners with Wobbl3’s No-Code Solutions


As the Web3 space becomes increasingly saturated with thousands of games and decentralized apps vying for user attention, the challenge of fostering community growth has never been more competitive. Addressing this, Wobbl3 is stepping up with its innovative viral growth solutions built on top of NFTs and tokens on the Enjin Blockchain.

Wobbl3 offers no-code solutions that empower projects to incentivize their communities through valuable rewards for promoting, creating content, and referring new users. With advanced analytics, projects can effortlessly track performance and reward key community leaders in real time. Wobbl3’s formal entry into the Enjin Ecosystem marks a new era of growth and value creation, inviting ecosystem partners to leverage these powerful tools for rapid, measurable growth.

Wobbl3’s Vision

The team behind Wobbl3 brings a wealth of Web3 experience from their previous venture, Soundpickr, a tech company revolutionizing on-chain royalties for the music industry. Soundpickr made waves by creating the first EuroVision NFT song, exposing countless fans to the Web3 industry.

In 2023, Soundpickr ventured into the Enjin Ecosystem, partnering with Alterverse to integrate music into their Metaverse. This collaboration enriched players’ gaming experiences and provided Soundpickr with a dedicated storefront within the Sky City Metaverse for community events. Subsequently, Soundpickr teamed up with Kingdom Karnage to infuse music into their Web3 game, highlighting the potential of cross-industry collaboration within the UK Web3 scene.

Now, in 2024, the visionaries from Soundpickr have united to form Wobbl3, with a mission to empower Web3 brands with cutting-edge loyalty and referral programs, thereby supercharging community engagement and incentivizing active participation.

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Wobbl3’s Comprehensive Web3 Toolkit

Wobbl3’s suite of solutions acts as a force multiplier for marketing efforts across the Enjin Ecosystem, offering:

1. On-Chain Loyalty and Affiliate Programs

Navigating marketing and distribution can be tough for game developers and NFT creators. Today’s successful Web3 projects have overcome these challenges by turning their communities into brand advocates. With Mintboss, you can quickly set up an on-chain marketing strategy to encourage others to join in app usage and NFT releases.

Renowned Italian musician Violetta Zironi and emerging country Latino artist Sammy Arriaga have both leveraged Mintboss extensively in the music NFT space. Violetta Zironi’s NFT collection, The Gypsy Heart, offers holders lifetime access to her concerts and various other perks.

The collection used Mintboss’ smart contract, enabling community members to generate affiliate links for NFT purchases instantly. Whenever someone bought an NFT through a member’s Mintboss link, that member earned a portion of the NFT sales. These collaborations not only boosted engagement but also introduced many fans to Web3’s potential, highlighting the effectiveness of Wobbl3’s solution.

2. Social Farming Systems

In the digital age, capturing attention is invaluable. Modern Web3 initiatives, such as Portal, have utilized social farming to gamify their marketing strategies, engaging hundreds of thousands of followers. Whenever a registered user tagged a post with Portal on X, they earned off-chain points determined by their engagement and reach on X.

These points ranked users on a competitive leaderboard, leading to a lucrative cryptocurrency airdrop. Wobbl3 develops robust systems using both fungible and non-fungible tokens on the Enjin Blockchain to reward content creators and grow communities. This solution offers advanced functionalities including:

  • Tweet Scheduler: Enables community members to promptly interact with branded content.
  • Tiered Boosters: Inspired by Portal, this system rewards users based on their engagement, with higher impressions and interactions earning more points.
  • Collection Multipliers: Members get point boosts based on the NFTs they own, allowing creators and game developers to engage specific audiences within collections like Enjin Iggy.

3. Liquidity Programs for NFT Collections

FloorGuard empowers NFT creators to boost liquidity in their collections, enriching the trading journey for collectors. This self-managed, self-custodial solution seamlessly integrates with your project’s wallet, ensuring you retain full ownership of your NFTs. Compatible with the majority of major marketplaces, FloorGuard can also be tailored to fit any custom marketplace.

Catalyzing Growth in the Enjin Ecosystem

The partnership between Enjin Blockchain and Wobbl3 aims to empower and catalyze growth for games, apps, and NFT projects within the Enjin Ecosystem. By harnessing Wobbl3’s specialized Web3 tools and services, Enjin developers and creators are well-positioned for increased community engagement and accelerated innovation.

With Wobbl3’s no-code solutions, Enjin Ecosystem partners have the opportunity to supercharge their growth, driving measurable results and unlocking new value-creation avenues in the competitive Web3 landscape.

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