Swing Announces to Integrate Manta Network for Chain Swaps


Swing, a famous decentralized protocol to provide liquidity across chains, has announced a new integration. As per the company, Manta Network (a modular blockchain dealing with ZK applications) is integrating with it to enable developers to use zero-knowledge technology. In addition to this, they can also explore the exclusive possibilities present in the decentralized finance sphere.

Swing and Manta Network Join to Offer Seamless Chain Swaps

The company took to X to announce this development. Additionally, in a blog post, Swing gave the particulars of the integration. The company noted that this move plays the role of a landmark in its objective to strengthen the consumers. It added that the platform intends to provide efficient and matchless token exchanges to the users within 1 ecosystem.

Manta’s integration into Swing lets developers leverage zero knowledge and develop apps across Manta Atlantic and Manta Pacific. Thus, they can delve into the latest possibilities dealing with decentralized finance to facilitate the consumers. In addition to this, the firm disclosed that it is making great efforts to unlock the full potential of the zero-knowledge technology.

In this respect, it is providing a multi-modular ecosystem to organize the ZK apps. The respective applications potentially revolutionize privacy, scalability, and security in the blockchain world. Manta Pacific is offering a cost-efficient and scalable layer 2 environment for EVM-native ZK apps on Ethereum. On the other hand, Manta Atlantic is unveiling programmable credentials and identities on the fastest ZK layer 1 of Polkadot.

Keeping that in view, Manta Network is advancing the Web3 app adoption and development. The integration permits the consumers to perform same-chain swaps without any hindrance. In this respect, they get Manta Atlantic and Manta Pacific’s innovative capabilities to conduct secure and fast token swaps.  Moreover, the exclusive integration guarantees an unflawed swapping experience.

Swing’s Services Let Developers Develop Strong Apps to Enhance Adoption and Innovation

This reportedly empowers consumers to navigate the world of decentralized finance with confidence. Swing asserted that it is determined to streamline the development procedure and improve the cross-chain experience, boosting web3 developers. The company offers an extended suite of instruments such as SDK, No-Code solutions, Widgets, and API. Hence, the developers can conveniently incorporate liquidity. With this, they can develop strong cross-chain apps to drive adoption and innovation in the blockchain sector.

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