Tech Whitepaper Launch: BlockDAG’s 30,000x ROI Potential Overshadows Shiba Inu’s Supply Instabilities and Chainlink Price Predictions 

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Shiba Inu tokens are being destroyed at an unprecedented rate, and Chainlink’s price predictions turn even the most skeptical into believers; BlockDAG shines out among giants. Surpassing expectations with a 350% price increase from its first batch to now, BlockDAG has swiftly raised $16.3 Million in its eighth presale batch. As the crypto community buzzes with talks of Shiba Inu supply adjustments and Chainlink price predictions, BlockDAG is already on a trajectory to become the most popular crypto by 2024.

Unprecedented Shiba Inu Supply Reduction: Over 130 Million Tokens Burned

Shiba Inu has grabbed attention again as more than 130 Million tokens were sent to burn wallets, increasing the burn rate by over 1300%. This significant burn happened, and the price of SHIB rose by over 6% in the short term. 

Despite a recent price drop to $0.000024 due to global market sentiment, Shiba Inu bounced back, reaching the $0.00003 mark, giving hope to investors for further gains. The burn, tracked by Shibburn, revealed that exactly 135,451,536 SHIB tokens were removed from circulation across twelve transactions. Investors have been cautious due to SHIB’s unpredictable movements. 


Chainlink Price Prediction Grows 5% on Bullish Sentiment

Chainlink (LINK) receives a positive boost from bullish sentiment. After its short-lived consolidation at the beginning of the year, Chainlink (LINK) has started showing signs of growth. Its token price has risen by more than 5% in the past week due to its recent partnership with Avalanche (AVAX). 

Despite its fall of over 8% last month, around 95% of Chainlink holders are in profit, with the rest at break even but not selling. This shows that the bullish sentiment surrounding LINK is at highs, with investors looking to protect their capital regardless. Although its price is pushing down, many buys are at around the $16.12 price, and a visit there could trigger a bullish surge above LINK’s recent high. 

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BlockDAG’s Meteoric Rise: $16.3M Presale Sells Out Swiftly

BlockDAG is shattering records with a $16.3 Million presale that sold out swiftly by its 8 batches. This achievement highlights investors’ trust and excitement, firmly establishing BlockDAG as a crypto innovation leader. Unlike the fluctuating Shiba Inu supply and speculative Chainlink price predictions, BlockDAG offers a solid investment foundation, with its price surging 350% from the first batch.


This growth trajectory, coupled with expert predictions of BlockDAG becoming popular crypto by 2024 and hitting the $10 mark in 2025, cements its status as a superior investment choice. As BlockDAG gears up for its next phases, the buzz around its potential to outshine competitors like Shiba Inu and Chainlink makes it a compelling option for anyone looking to diversify their portfolio with a cryptocurrency poised for exponential growth.

Wrapping Up

As Shiba Inu’s supply strategies and Chainlink’s future prices are hot topics, BlockDAG stands tall with its remarkable achievements and bold promises. Raising $16.3 Million through 8 successful presale batches and witnessing a price jump of 350%, BlockDAG’s journey is a testament to the trust and excitement it has sparked among investors, with predictions pointing towards BlockDAG not just being the popular crypto by 2024 but also hitting an impressive $10 mark by 2025. For those looking to invest, BlockDAG presents an unrivalled opportunity for growth, promising a bright future in cryptocurrency.

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