Tencent Cloud Partners with MultiversX to Simplify Web3 Development


Tencent Cloud has introduced a new blockchain infrastructure solution aimed at easing the transition for developers into the Web3 space, in collaboration with MultiversX. This initiative is part of a broader effort by both tech giants to enhance the development of blockchain-based gaming. Their collaborative efforts include the provision of startup grants and support for ecosystem hackathons, fostering a robust environment for innovation.

The latest development from Tencent Cloud includes a 1-click node hosting service specifically designed for Web3 developers. This service allows newcomers to swiftly commence application development on MultiversX without the need to understand the complex underlying infrastructure. It effectively reduces the time and knowledge required to deploy and manage MultiversX blockchain infrastructure nodes, which previously could take extensive hours of research and hands-on practice.

Configurations for Diverse Needs

Addressing the varied demands of Web3 applications, Tencent Cloud’s service offers multiple configurations to cater to specific on-chain requirements. These nodes, although not part of the consensus process, are crucial as they handle user requests such as transaction submissions and data display, like wallet token balances – a necessity for nearly all decentralized applications.

Lucian Mincu, Chief Information Officer at MultiversX Foundation, highlighted the benefits of this partnership, noting that more efficient and secure applications can now be developed using familiar programming languages, thanks to the node-as-a-service solution offered by Tencent Cloud. This solution negates the need for developers to deploy and maintain their own dedicated infrastructure.

Tencent Cloud’s engagement in the MultiversX ecosystem is timely, as the blockchain network continues to see significant growth, with daily active users sometimes surpassing 100,000 and ranking high among non-EVM chains in terms of total value locked. Reflecting on their continued support, Tencent Cloud was a primary partner at the xDay Hackathon in October 2023, one of Europe’s largest that year. The event drew over 1,000 developers and presented 150 blockchain products. Tencent Cloud contributed $120,000 in grants to the Gaming track winners, adding to a total prize pool of over $1M.

Startups and projects that are building on MultiversX can leverage Tencent Cloud’s offerings to accelerate their development. Opportunities include applications for grants, funding of up to $100,000, access to preferential service prices, and significant networking opportunities, all available through a dedicated online portal.

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