Tevaera Clinches $5M to Innovate in Gaming Sphere


Tevaera has successfully concluded a $5 million investment round orchestrated by Laser Digital, a branch of Nomura Group. This capital infusion, supported by a coalition of leading investors, is set to fuel the company’s endeavor to establish a comprehensive gaming ecosystem leveraging the zkSync ZK Stack.

Nearly two years of intensive development on zkSync culminated with this financing, positioning Tevaera as a frontrunner in adopting a game-IP-first strategy. This approach tackles existing obstacles within the web3 gaming infrastructure, aiming to streamline and enhance user experience.

The past year has seen Tevaera significantly widen its community reach, engaging over 850,000 Soulbound Gamers from more than 100 nations. This expansion is centered around Teva Run, a multiplayer game that integrates with Guardian NFTs and the Teva Market, an all-encompassing gaming marketplace.

Technological Advancements

In conjunction with announcing the funding, Tevaera unveiled a revamped website. This digital platform is designed as a hub for both gamers and developers to explore and harness the extensive capabilities of the Tevaera gaming ecosystem. Anticipation is building as Tevaera prepares to launch two innovative games and the inaugural decentralized L3 gaming chain on zkSync, setting the stage for unrestricted web3 gaming.

With the staunch support of its community, the Tevans, Tevaera aims to grow and pioneer advancements in the Web3 gaming domain.

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