The Winners Circle Partners with Zilliqa to Introduce Skill2Earn to Horse Racing


In a groundbreaking move for the horse racing industry, The Winners Circle, a fan loyalty platform introduced by the prestigious Racing League, is revolutionizing the way fans engage with the sport through its new feature called “Skill2Earn.” Enabled by a partnership with the blockchain platform Zilliqa, The Winners Circle aims to incentivize fan engagement and reward members based on their racing expertise.

Historically, horse racing fans have had limited avenues to interact with the sport beyond traditional betting on race outcomes. Recognizing the growing demand for innovative and gamified interactions, such as fantasy sports platforms, prediction games, and loyalty programs, Racing League is pioneering a new approach.

Racing League is introducing a fresh, league-based format to races that encourage fan loyalty and engagement. By leveraging the Zilliqa blockchain, The Winners Circle offers a unique fan engagement experience that allows racing enthusiasts to have a stake in their favorite sport. Fans can now earn rewards for participating in skill-based games and interactions, rather than merely betting on race outcomes.

Rewarding Fans for Skill, Not Just Participation

Skill2Earn, the innovative feature powered by blockchain technology, builds gaming ecosystems that reward players based on their skills and expertise, rather than just their participation. This sustainable approach sets The Winners Circle apart from previous Web3 gaming models and provides fans with meaningful and rewarding interactions.

The Winners Circle directs the untapped demand for meaningful race-day interactions from fans to build vibrant communities of supporters. Each supporter will develop a personal relationship with their favorite team, horse, or track, enhancing their overall racing experience and encouraging continued engagement. The Winners Circle offers fans a range of exclusive benefits, including:

  • Access to Events: Exclusive invitations to horse racing events.
  • Merchandise and Rewards: Access to unique merchandise and rewards through Skill2Earn racing prediction games.
  • Ownership Opportunities: The chance to own a share in their favorite racehorse.
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Tom Fleetham, the director of The Winners Circle, commented, “The Winners Circle will reward racing fans for their years of loyalty and expertise in the sport, whilst also providing them with new ways to engage with racing that go beyond placing a bet.”

Matt Dyer, CEO of Zilliqa Technology, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “By providing the blockchain infrastructure for The Winners Circle, Zilliqa is powering the Skill2Earn revolution and delivering sustainable rewards to fans and players based on their proficiency and engagement.”

The Winners Circle’s introduction of Skill2Earn, powered by Zilliqa blockchain technology, represents a significant step forward in enhancing fan engagement and loyalty within the horse racing industry. By offering fans innovative ways to interact with the sport and rewarding them for their skills and expertise, The Winners Circle is setting a new standard for fan engagement in horse racing. With this groundbreaking initiative, racing enthusiasts can look forward to a more immersive, rewarding, and personalized racing experience.

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