The World’s First DePIN Global Carrier Service

The World's First DePIN Global Carrier Service

Richmond Hill, Kingstown, April 24th, 2024, Chainwire

Minutes Network Token (MNT), the proprietary token of Minutes Network, the world’s first DePIN wholesale voice call termination provider, today discussed its blockchain utilisation in more depth.

Alex Berry, Head of Token, explained, ‘the decision to launch MNT was driven by our commitment to create a sharing economy, decentralising and democratising the telecommunications industry. When we talk about decentralisation, we mean being truly DePIN and letting the public own and operate our critical node infrastructure. And when we speak of democratisation, we are proud to be the only voice carrier to reward callers and callees using our network.’

MNT has selected the Ethereum (L1) blockchain to decentralise and distribute its Switch and Validation Node infrastructure and create the reward-based sharing economy.

Emphasising the close links with World Mobile, MNT utilises their proprietary AyA chain as a traceability layer for the cost effective settlement of data. It provides full traceability of Call Data Records (CDRs) and complete transparency of network operational statistics and accounting. It also performs rollups on other public blockchains (L2) containing the hash of the data published on AyA serving as the trust layer.

Berry added ‘Utilising the blockchain is essential to achieving our decentralising and democratising objectives and building our sharing economy.’

The public sale for Minutes Network Token is set to launch in Q2. Join our community at and keep an eye out for the upcoming release of the MNT whitepaper.

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