These Meme Coins Are Included in the Latest Binance Update: Details


  • Binance is offering 10,000 FDUSD in token vouchers to users who haven’t traded in the last 90 days, requiring a minimum of $100 trading volume on specific pairs to qualify.
  • The promotion reflects the company’s strategy to boost user engagement and adapt to market trends.

Binance’s Promotion

The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange introduced an offering for all users who have not traded on Binance Spot in the past three months, promising a total reward of 10,000 FDUSD in token vouchers. 

To qualify for the promotion, eligible users need to click on the “join in” button on the dedicated page and accumulate a total trading volume of at least $100 on specific pairs such as DOGE/BTC, SHIB/EUR, SHIB/USDT, WIF/BTC, WIF/FDUSD, FLOKI/FDUSD, FLOKI/TRY, PEPE/FDUSD, PEPE/TRY, and many more.

“Binance reserves the right to change, modify, or impose additional restrictions with respect to the access to and use of Binance Spot trading services from time to time in its sole discretion at any time without notification,” the firm announced. 

The token vouchers will be distributed to eligible users within 21 working days after the end of the Promotion Period, which will run until May 5. Traders should claim their rewards before the expiration date.

The exchange reserves the right to disqualify operations that are “deemed to be prohibited activities, including but not limited to churning, pump-and-dump schemes, ramping,” and other market manipulation affairs.

The Previous Updates

This is not the first time Binance touches upon meme coins to enhance user experience and respond to current market trends. Earlier this month, it included 18 new loanable assets to its Binance Loans program, with dogwidhat (WIF) and Pepe (PEPE) being some examples. 

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In March, it added PEPE/FDUSD among the pairs supported on Binance Spot, whereas Floki Inu (FLOKI) and numerous other altcoins were introduced as loanable tokens. 

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