This is it, the USD Strength has Come to an End

Starting with the US dollar, recent indicators from the Philly Fed manufacturing survey have bolstered confidence, reinforcing the Federal Reserve’s cautious approach to monetary policy. However, apprehensions persist regarding the sustainability of this momentum amid escalating geopolitical risks. Notably, the surge in crude oil prices by 2% underscores the market’s sensitivity to geopolitical developments.

Fiscal Deficit

Fiscal Deficit
Source:Macrobond; IMF Estimates April 2024 (click to enlarge)


Prior to the geopolitical escalation, the US economy displayed a mixed performance, partly attributed to concerns surrounding the implications of a strong dollar. The IMF’s warnings about divergence, particularly evident in the substantial US fiscal deficits compared to other advanced economies, have intensified market scrutiny.

While the dollar maintains resilience against certain currencies like the Swiss franc, euro, Canadian dollar, and British pound, prevailing market sentiment suggests a potential limit to this divergence. The divergence in rates markets between the US and Europe, along with cautious statements from ECB officials, adds another layer of complexity to currency projections.

USD Index

USD Index
Source: Finlogix Charts (click to enlarge)

Shifting focus to the Japanese yen, initial gains post-Israel response reflect a broader risk-averse sentiment, with the yen and Swiss franc emerging as beneficiaries. However, underlying data from Japan presents a nuanced outlook. Weaker-than-expected CPI figures, coupled with impending changes in utility prices, hint at potential inflationary pressures. Despite this, the absence of significant concern from Washington regarding yen weakness indicates a delicate balance in international FX discussions.

The interaction between geopolitical events and currency markets underscores the necessity for adaptable strategies. While initial responses may lean towards risk aversion, the broader economic fundamentals and policy reactions will ultimately determine currency movements. As investors navigate through this period of turbulence, a nuanced comprehension of global dynamics will be crucial in identifying opportunities amid uncertainty.

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