won the “Best Regulatory Innovation in Blockchain” Award at Paris Blockchain Week

  • has received the award for “Best Regulatory Innovation in Blockchain” at Paris Blockchain Week
  • The platform offers an innovative approach to give German private limited companies (GmbH) access to the capital market.
  • founder Christoph Jentzsch has experience in building and selling companies. He sold his startup to a US investor in 2019. He became world-famous with his spectacular project TheDAO, which raised around 150 million US-Dollar in a very short time in 2016.

Mittweida, Germany, April 14, 2024: The Germany-based startup GmbH received the “Best Regulatory Innovation in Blockchain Award” at Paris Blockchain Week. This is a testament to its exceptional contributions to the blockchain ecosystem in recent months. The selection criteria for this award emphasise several key factors. This includes’s innovative regulatory solution, which has a profound impact on industry standards in the field of corporate equity participation. With this development sets a new benchmark for regulatory inclusivity and accessibility within the blockchain sector.

The GmbH token makes it possible to map company holdings on the blockchain and offer them to a wider circle of investors. This process provides new opportunities for founders to involve their investors and employees and let them participate in the company’s success. Blockchain technology ensures the automatic execution of investments and corporate actions. This guarantees the continued existence of the tokens, independent of the platform, which creates trust and transparency.

About is a platform for token-based investments in Germany-based start-ups, founded in 2022 by Christoph Jentzsch in Mittweida. The platform provides a specifically optimised legal setup for GmbHs with tailored contract templates. revolutionises access to investment and encourages participation in the success of promising startups.

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Juliane Demuth, Head of Product Marketing GmbH

Bahnhofstr. 32

09648 Mittweida

Mail: [email protected]


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