TON Society Partners with HumanCode to Launch a $5M Incentive Program for Digital Identity Verification


Partnership Introduces Palm Recognition Technology to Combat Bots and Secure User Identities Across the TON Ecosystem.

April 8, 2024 –  TON Society, a community of hubs contributing to the future of TON’s ecosystem, has agreed to partner with HumanCode, an artificial intelligence (AI) company, to introduce a $5 million incentive program. This initiative will empower Toncoin users with state-of-the-art palm scanning technology options for reliable digital identity verification and privacy protection. To promote this partnership across the TON ecosystem, TON Society has offered a one million Toncoin (approximately US$5 million) incentive program for Proof of Personhood adoption. The vision is to enable digital identity for 500 million Telegram users in five years. This partnership was announced today at the Hong Kong Web3 Festival. 

By integrating HumanCode’s technology, TON’s ecosystem is equipping all Toncoin users with a voluntary method to verify their human identity on the blockchain. This infrastructure opens a new standard for the community to combat bots, enhance user control and experience autonomy over their online identity. It offers an easy, fast, and highly accurate palm scanning technology that’s available on any smartphone, and is trained for any browser, camera, and skin tone. In just a few seconds, the technology can prove that a user is a human with a quick scan of their palm while fully maintaining the individual’s physical anonymity.  

Following two decades as a leader in search engine optimizations, recommendation algorithms, and artificial intelligence, Dr. Zhang has focused on privacy preservation and security in recent years and invented HumanCode’s palm recognition solution. 

“I spent many years working with the leading technology companies in the world, creating bots for search engines and social platforms,” said Dr Zhang, HumanCode’s founder. “Now, we have reached a stage where bots present a significant risk to the Web. Solutions are in great demand for proof-of-human. Whilst other proof-of-human solutions exist, HumanCode’s palm system offers greater user privacy protection and does not require specific hardware. With over 900 million monthly active users, we strongly believe Telegram is the tool to deliver web3 mass adoption and we are excited for HumanCode to support the TON community.”

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“Supporting Proof of Personhood protocols like Humancode is a step towards a practical reputation system that has real-life use cases for everyone entering our ecosystem,” said Ekin Tuna, Director of Growth at TON Foundation. “A scalable, private, and decentralized identity will help to onboard the first one billion users to the Web3 ecosystem in Telegram. We look forward to going further and seeing what exciting use cases it will unlock for the community and TON developers alike.”

HumanCode incentives will be given to TON Society members who complete the palm scan and prove their personhood. Anyone can join TON society by connecting their TON wallet at

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