Top 6 Cryptos to Skyrocket Immediately After Bitcoin Halving

Top 6 Cryptos to Skyrocket Immediately After Bitcoin Halving


Bitcoin’s halving event often triggers a significant market movement, historically setting off a period of increased prices. With the anticipated 2024 bull run unfolding, attention turns to cryptocurrencies expected to follow Bitcoin’s lead and surge. Investors and enthusiasts alike seek to understand which coins might benefit most in a post-halving climate. This article dives into six such contenders that are positioned to experience substantial growth.

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Solana’s Current Market Performance and Price Prediction

Solana’s price sees a wide range this week, swinging between $163.49 and $200.06. Over the past week, SOL dipped by 5.48%, but it’s up by 17.43% this month. The past 6 months have been stellar, with a whopping 700.64% increase. The market shows SOL making mostly impulsive moves toward resistance, with signs of hesitation as indicated by a Stochastic of 86.56, suggesting it might be overbought.

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Looking ahead, SOL faces its first major resistance at $220.57. If it breaks through, the next challenging point lies at $257.14. With a relatively high RSI at 59.22, there’s room for growth before it’s considered overbought. On the downside, if SOL retreats, it will find support at $147.43 and further down at $110.86.

Optimism Crypto Price Watch

Over the past week, Optimism’s price dipped by around 3.41%. The past month saw a more significant price drop of 32.84%, while over the last six months, the price surged by 156.09%. Currently, OP trades between $2.80 and $3.64. The price action seems corrective recently, following the impulsive rise witnessed over a six-month period.


Predicting Optimism’s future price can be tricky. If the trend from the past six months continues, OP could test higher resistance levels, potentially aiming for $4.08 or even $4.92. However, if the recent one-month decline persists, we might see the price retract towards the nearest support at $2.41 or further down to $1.57. The coin’s trading metrics show mixed signals, with the RSI suggesting neutrality, while the MACD indicates a slightly negative momentum. Both possible upward momentum and downward corrections should be watched closely.

Ethereum Current Price Momentum and Forecast

Ethereum is trading in the range of $3225 to $3665.81, showing an 8.29% rise in the past week, despite a drop of 11.91% over the last month. Over six months, Ethereum has jumped an impressive 130.96%. The current moves are more impulsive, with the Relative Strength Index (RSI) suggesting a strong buying interest, while the Stochastic indicates a potential for being overbought.

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Ethereum could reach the nearest resistance at $3876.85, and if momentum holds, possibly approach the second resistance level at $4317.55. However, if sellers take control, ETH could test the nearest support level at $2995.45, and in a larger dip, the second support level at $2554.75. Optimistically, the steady moving averages hint at sustained interest, but caution is due as indicators suggest the price may need to settle before continuing its climb.


Render’s Price Movement Examined

Render (RNDR) has seen immense growth over the past six months with a striking 435.97% increase. Recently, however, the price has faced a downward trend with a 2.08% drop in the last week and 18.76% over the past month. Currently trading between $8.80 and $10.70, RNDR is showing more corrective movements, withdrawing from higher prices as reflected in the negative one-month and one-week changes.

Considering RNDR’s current position, balanced prospects for the price are key. On the upside, surpassing the nearest resistance at $11.65 could push towards the second at $13.56, potentially signalling a recovery. However, a fall below the nearest support of $7.84 may invite further slides towards $5.93, warranting caution. With a relatively neutral RSI and Stochastic values, RNDR could witness both consolidation and volatility in the near term.

Dogecoin Price Movement: Range and Trend Insights

Dogecoin (DOGE) has grown significantly over the past six months, showing a nearly 240% increase. In the past week and month, gains of 12.93% and 8.60% respectively indicate a positive short-term trend. Currently, DOGE trades between $0.17 and $0.22. The price action suggests a balance, neither strongly impulsive nor corrective, maintaining a median level with the potential for growth towards the nearest resistance at $0.25.

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Looking ahead, DOGE’s recent stability at the $0.20 mark provides a solid base for potential growth. The nearest support at $0.14 will be a key level to hold for continued optimism. There is potential for a push towards the second resistance at $0.30 if momentum builds. However, traders should also consider the proximity of the second support at $0.09, which could come into play if the market turns.


Six cryptocurrencies have been identified as potential gainers following the Bitcoin halving. Solana (SOL), Optimism (OP), and Ethereum (ETH) show signs for growth but may offer less immediate upside in the short term. Render (RNDR) and Dogecoin (DOGE) also hold promise but might not surge as quickly. Among these, BlastUP stands out with the highest potential for a swift increase. This project’s solid concept within the Blast ecosystem positions it favorably for those looking at immediate growth opportunities post-Bitcoin halving.





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