Top Altcoin Picks For Explosive Gains in April: KangaMoon, Cardano, Tron, Mantle, and Core Take Centre Stage

Top Altcoin Picks For Explosive Gains in April: KangaMoon, Cardano, Tron, Mantle, and Core Take Centre Stage

While investing in cryptocurrency projects, identifying the best altcoins requires a keen understanding of the underlying technology, market dynamics, and growth potential. Among a sea of options, KangaMoon (KANG), Cardano (ADA), Tron (TRX), Mantle (MNT), and Core (CORE) stand out as top Altcoins to invest in, each offering compelling reasons to warrant consideration in any investor’s portfolio.

Top 5 Best Altcoins to Invest in April 2024

Here, we’ve curated a selection of top-notch altcoins for investment opportunities. In the list below is a brief overview of each, offering a glimpse into their potential. 

● KangaMoon (KANG) – New community driven project, integrating P2E with SocialFi
● Cardano (ADA) – Top list of leading blockchain platforms – With nearly $600 million trading volume  
● Tron (TRX) – Top Altcoin pick for DApps Solutions – boasting a market cap of over $10 billion
● Mantle (MNT) – Top Altcoin pick for privacy-focused solutions – with a market cap of over $4 billion
● Core (CORE) – Top liquidity token – boasting a $3 billion market cap

Top 5 Best Altcoins to Invest in Ahead of Bitcoin’s Next Halving Event

Are you searching for the best altcoins to grab as the crypto market starts heating up for the next bull run? Now that we’ve got a handle on what each altcoin project offers, let’s jump into the reviews and see which ones stand out from the crowd.

1. KangaMoon – A new Meme Project Offering a Vibrant and Profitable Community 

KangaMoon (KANG)’s emergence as a top pick for the best altcoins to invest in stems from its strategic positioning within the rapidly expanding meme coin sector. KangaMoon is a new meme token that has been turning heads with its soaring popularity in the meme coin market. With over 20,000 users onboard, including 6,000 plus token holders, KangaMoon is setting a new standard in the meme coin market.

Meanwhile, early buyers have already locked in a whopping 290% return on investment (ROI) during its ongoing presale phase where the price of the native KANG token has surged from an initial offering price of $0.005 to $0.0196. However, unlike many meme coins that ride on the wave of sensationalism, KangaMoon stands at the intersection of GameFi’s Play-to-Earn (P2E) and SocialFi. 

With the native KANG tokens, users can actively participate in the Kangaverse that offers an immersive gaming experience, score upgrades for unique characters and earn high-value in-game collectibles, making it more than just a speculative asset. Moreover, non-players in the gaming ecosystem can indulge themselves with speculative betting and equally stand a chance to win various rewards.

More fascinating is that KangaMoon awards free KANG tokens to their most active members who engage their social media campaign even before it officially launches. Moreso, with KangaMoon tapping into the lucrative P2E gaming market, which is forecasted to be worth over $9B by 2028, the future looks promising. Industry experts are already touting the KANG token to leap to $1 once it is finally listed on top-tier exchanges in the second quarter of 2024.

2. Cardano (ADA) – Best Altcoins to buy for Long Term Profits

Cardano (ADA) has equally garnered significant attention as a leading blockchain platform, providing a seamless platform for users and ranking as our next top altcoin pick. Cardanonetwork further solidifies its status as one of the best altcoins to invest in due to its groundbreaking approach to blockchain technology and the notable all-time peak of 2638.04%. 

As the ecosystem continues to grow and expand, the native ADA token, currently trading within  a yearly price range of $0,38 and $0.58, offers a solid investment choice for those seeking long-term growth potential in the crypto market.

3. Tron (TRX) – Top Altcoin for DApps Solutions

Tron (TRX) is another altcoin that commands attention. By offering a secured platform for the creation and deployment of decentralized applications (DApps) and smart contracts, Tron has gained the trust of blockchain developers and end users alike. 

Starting out as a Layer 2 blockchain before migrating to its own in 2018, Tron’s focus was largely on scalability and high throughput, which allowed it to win the heart of many end users at the time.This also paved the way for a thriving ecosystem of decentralized entertainment, gaming, and social media applications. 

Given the growing demand for decentralized solutions alongside its yearly peaks above 80%, and a yearly price range of $0.065 and $0.12, the TRX token remains a compelling investment option for those looking to capitalize on the expanding cryptocurrency ecosystem.

4. Mantle (MNT) – Best Altcoin for Privacy Solutions

Mantle (MNT) network rounds off as one of the best altcoins to invest in, leveraging its focus on privacy and anonymity to address growing concerns surrounding data security and confidentiality. Notably, its yearly and all-time high chart reflects a 167.23% increase in price performance.

Furthermore, as privacy continues to play a vital role in the modern tech era, Mantle’s focus on safeguarding user anonymity makes it an appealing investment opportunity with significant upside potential. Moreso, it offers investors a unique opportunity to participate in the future of digital privacy.

5. Core – Top Liquidity Token With Impressive Price Chart Performance

Core (CORE), boasting a weekly high of over 236.45%, offers a unique value proposition with its decentralized autonomous liquidity pool (DALP) protocol. By incentivizing liquidity providers and optimizing liquidity across multiple decentralized exchanges (DEXs), Core cryptoaims to address the liquidity fragmentation plaguing the DeFi space. 

With its innovative liquidity management and governance, coupled with over 105% yearly surge and a monthly price range of $0.75 and $3.5,  CORE presents a promising investment opportunity for those seeking exposure to the burgeoning DeFi sector.

What is an Altcoin?

An altcoin is any cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin. Think of it as an alternative to Bitcoin. While Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to hit the scene, altcoins offer different features, purposes, and technologies. They’re like the diverse flavors in the cryptocurrency world, each with its unique characteristics and potential for growth.

Are Altcoins Good Investments?

When considering an altcoin as an investment, several factors come into play, some of which include technology, fundamental values, use case, market demand, and industry outlook.

By carefully evaluating these factors, investors can make well-informed decisions and identify altcoins with substantial growth potential, compelling features, and practical applications.  Among the 5 Altcoins listed above, with each possessing their unique features, KangaMoonstands out as it fosters a profitable community of gaming enthusiasts.


As mentioned earlier, the wide range of altcoins available in the crypto market offers an excellent opportunity for diversification. Interestingly, most altcoins are designed to thrive in specific niche or industry. This way, they can serve as a valuable tool for spreading risk across an investment portfolio. By including altcoins in a diversified portfolio, investors can effectively reduce exposure to specific sectors and further enhance their risk management strategies.

Room for Growth

When considering the growth potential of the altcoins we’ve discussed, there is significant room for expansion. Each of these cryptocurrencies possesses unique features that could drive their value higher. 

For instance, KangaMoon’s integration of GameFi’s Play-to-Earn model, as well as the increasing adoption of Cardano and Mantle, hint at a promising future. Furthermore, as the cryptocurrency industry evolves and attracts more investors, the need for innovative cryptocurrencies is projected to increase, opening up new prospects for growth.

How to Choose the Best Altcoin to Buy Now

When it comes to selecting the best altcoins to buy now, there are factors to consider. 

● It is important to evaluate the underlying fundamentals of each altcoins including their technological features, data privacy, general use cases and in some cases, the robustness of their development teams.  
● Also, it is very advisable to keep a close eye on the project’s social media interaction, news headlines, and community engagement. This way, it is easy to identify altcoins with momentum and positive sentiment.
● Finally, don’t hesitate to go through the project’s whitepaper, roadmap, and community dynamics to ensure you’re investing in altcoins with strong fundamentals and long-term potential.


After exploring the best altcoins for investment, discussing their advantages, and outlining criteria for identifying high-potential altcoins, our research has pinpointed one standout project with exceptional promise. 

Among the top altcoins, KangaMoon emerges as the frontrunner. With its innovative features and strong community support, KangaMoon boasts high potential not only in the altcoin market but also the highly lucrative P2E market.  

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