True Forex Funds now offers Match-Trader and cTrader platforms

True Forex Funds said Match-Trader, which is introduced as a secondary trading platform, is now available in select countries including Germany, Austria, Sweden, and Hungary.

Match-Trade’s flat competitive fee structure enables forex brokers to manage and predict their technology costs. The company’s offering caters to various brokers’ needs ranging from hosting services and MT white label solutions, data feed, to bridge and aggregation technology and risk management system for A Book and B Book brokers.

Match-Trade’s portfolio also includes a cryptocurrency solution for FX brokers and crypto exchanges, and the company says it has become one of its most sought-after solutions. The platform provides flexible reporting tools in real-time and ad-hoc reports creation that can be easily viewed from an interactive web interface.

True Forex Funds celebrated in February that its business is finally “back in the game” after it switched its trading accounts to the cTrader platform.

The move came more than two weeks after the firm announced a “temporary halt” to its services in the wake of MetaQuotes, the developer of the widely-used trading platforms MT4 and MT5, terminating True Forex Funds’ licenses.

Richard Nagy, CEO of True Forex Funds, explained earlier that the license termination by MetaQuotes stemmed from True Forex Funds’ use of a third-party provider for equity synchronization. The provider, whose services have been used since 2021, is alleged to have connected to MetaTrader’s client terminal in a manner not fully acceptable by MetaQuotes.

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Nagy expressed frustration over the abruptness of MetaQuotes’ decision, noting the absence of prior warnings or opportunities to replace the third-party provider. He highlighted the challenge of investigating a partner or supplier’s source code for legitimacy, which seems to be at the heart of MetaQuotes’ dispute.

True Forex Funds said it was actively seeking to convince MetaQuotes to reinstate its licenses. However, the company ultimately migrated trading accounts to different technology providers as these efforts apparently failed.

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