UniMe Partners with IOTA: Making Strides Towards eIDAS 2.0 Compliance with the EU Identity Wallet

  • UniMe’s recent update introduces a History feature and enhances credential management, making strides towards eIDAS 2.0 compliance.
  • Integration of IOTA support in the upcoming update highlights a significant move towards interoperable European Identity Wallets.

Impierce Technologies has recently upgraded their UniMe – Identity Wallet app, emphasizing the addition of a new History feature and the enhancement of user experience in credential management. Developed by Impierce Technologies with inputs from Digital Zen’s Andrew Brough (renowned for Firefly, Selv, and other IOTA projects) and Filancore, UniMe is set to incorporate IOTA support in its upcoming update, aiming to augment interoperability with diverse projects.

The innovative History feature offers comprehensive insights into users’ recent log-ins, data origins, and sharing activities.

Towards eIDAS 2.0 Compliance: UniMe鈥檚 Ambitious Journey

This advancement, as elucidated in a CNF Youtube Video, marks a pivotal step in aligning UniMe with the forthcoming eIDAS 2.0 standards, potentially establishing it as a key European Identity Wallet.

Jelle Millenaar, CEO of Impierce Technologies, underscores the significance of this update in meeting eIDAS 2.0 requirements and introduces interactive gifs to demonstrate the new features. The eIDAS regulation, as detailed on the EU Digital Strategy website, plays a critical role in enabling secure, cross-border digital interactions within the EU, fostering trust and facilitating digital services.

In a tweet, Millenaar expressed his excitement and commitment towards Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) adoption, highlighting the significant strides made in this direction over his career. He emphasized the role of Impierce Technologies and IOTA in positioning themselves as key players in the EU for digital identity regulation.

IOTA鈥檚 Integration and Market Impact

The impending integration of IOTA is a strategic move, particularly in European markets. As previously reported by CNF, IOTA is actively aligning with European Identity Wallet regulations, underscoring the framework’s support for compliant Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) solutions. In a synergistic collaboration, Impierce Technologies, IOTA, and other stakeholders have launched the UniMe Digital Identity Wallet, tailored to conform to European Identity Wallet standards.

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At the time of writing, IOTA is valued at $0.305, showing a 2.53% increase in the past day and a 1.71% rise over the last week, as depicted in the accompanying chart. The recent update of the UniMe Identity Wallet app is a significant milestone, with the introduction of the History feature and enhanced credential management UX laying the groundwork for future scalability.

The eagerly anticipated addition of IOTA support will further enhance the interoperability of the system. This strategic partnership between Impierce Technologies and IOTA represents a major step forward in the realm of secure, compliant digital identity solutions in the European market.

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