VeChain鈥檚 VeBetterDAO Draws Attention from Billion-Dollar Investors After Paris Blockchain Week

  • As a keynote speaker at the Paris Blockchain Week, VeChain founder Sunny Lu delivered a presentation on how VeBetterDAO enables individuals to contribute to global sustainability.
  • The presentation dived into how VeBetterDAO allows users to engage, earn, and prosper and its various features, including its dApp marketplace.

This week, the Paris Blockchain Week, one of the largest crypto conferences in the world, drew thousands of attendees, exhibitors, innovators, regulators, and blockchain enthusiasts to the French capital. Sunny Lu was among the speakers, and the VeChain founder focused his presentation on VeBetterDAO and how it’s pooling together the individual efforts of thousands globally to make a big collective difference in humanity’s march toward sustainability.

Lu’s presentation was titled “Engage, Earn & Prosper” and it focused on leveraging blockchain technology to build a sustainable future together.

As Lu noted, sustainability is no longer a luxury, and neither is it a future aspiration. He reiterated that “we only have one planet. Not only for us but for our kids.”

Despite the critical nature of the task at hand, sustainability is shrouded in mystery. For many, it’s an expense they would rather avoid. Lu pointed out that in most places, you have to pay extra for utilities to receive a higher level of energy efficiency, which goes against the goal.

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“Being sustainable shouldn’t be expensive.”

The solution is in having inclusive adoption, he told the attendees.

VeBetterDAO鈥擵eChain’s Solution to Sustainability

Sustainability isn’t a preserve of the Western nations. It’s decentralized, in that it affects every person across Asia, Europe, the Americas, and Australia. As such, it needs a decentralized solution. This makes Web3 the perfect solution to anchor the sustainability movement.

With blockchain technology, even the tiniest actions can be digitalized, tracked, and verified. The ecosystem can also have a token with which the users can be rewarded, incentivizing them to engage in more sustainable actions.

Lu told the conference:

VeChain’s answer is VeBetterDAO. Enable and foster DApps to motivate people, simply to do good in their daily lives. DAO as governance means every token minted and allocated will be decided by people – 100% fair launch until it reaches the fixed supply.

VeBetterDAO goes beyond other blockchain solutions. It puts the users at the heart of the ecosystem. They get to earn tokens for doing the simplest things in their daily lives, from drinking their coffee with a mug rather than a plastic cup, picking up litter in their neighborhood to keep it clean, recycling and choosing recycled products, using public transportation rather than driving to work, etc.

The biggest challenge with sustainability is the assumption that an individual’s seemingly small effort is insignificant in the bigger picture, However, as Lu pointed out, “the collective value will blow your mind.”

For instance, in less than two months since VeBetterDAO launched, less than 2,500 users were onboarded, but they managed to save over nine million gallons of water and eliminated 3,000 tons of carbon dioxide.

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