Velo and Solana Foundation Partner to Pioneer Digital Gold Transactions in Laos


Velo, in partnership with its partner Lightnet, today announced a ground-breaking partnership with the Solana Foundation to pioneer digital gold transactions in Laos. Through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), Solana Foundation will serve as the blockchain settlement layer. On the other hand, Velo will act as the backbone infrastructure layer and the designated clearing house for Laos’ digital gold transactions.

Solana and Velo Enhance Blockchain Connectivity

The partnership with the Solana Foundation is poised to revolutionize digital asset transactions. By combining Solana’s leading-edge blockchain technology with Velo’s infrastructure, the partners will create a highly effective and secure platform for processing digital gold transactions settled on the blockchain.

This key function will secure the validation and light of several transactions, developer trust among counterparties, and ensure seamless execution of contractual obligations between system buyers and sellers settled on Solana blockchain. They will also deploy a robust bridging mechanism that aims to improve interoperability amongst Solana’s L1, the Nova ecosystem, and EVM-based chains. The effort underscores a vision to interoperate blockchains and reduce barriers to access for digital assets across various chains.

In addition, the partnership solidifies a plan to develop a lucid liquidity management framework for the digital asset. The facilitation is the plan that with service a regional and a wider market. Through the agreement, the two companies will create transparent and effective management protocols to meet the need for asset liquidity and enhance accessibility to the asset.

Velo and Solana Foundation Collaborate to Enhance Digital Asset Accessibility

The Velo and Solana Foundation partnership is a strong measure. It aligns with the desire to ensure digital gold accessibility in the Laos market. With Velo’s financial infrastructure and the Solana Foundation’s blockchain ability, the two teams will create a secure and effective way of engaging in digital gold transactions. This will endorse the accessibility of digital gold as it endeavors to create a secure store of value in the digital assertion world.

Finally, the partnership is a step that shows shared innovation in the digital asset world. It will endorse the use of the digital claim as the most recommended way of using the digital platform. It will ensure ease of doing business and individual transactions in a fully-acceptable way.

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