Velodrome Continues Its Superchain Expansion to Lisk


Velodrome, a prominent liquidity and trading forum, has recently announced the expansion of its Superchain. As per the company, this time it has expanded the project to Lisk (an Ethereum layer 2) that operates under Optimism Superchain. The respective project will operate as the 3rd Superchain layer 2 containing Velodrome deployment. The project potentially solidifies the company’s role as the liquidity hub regarding Superchain.

Velodrome Further Superchain Expansion with Lisk

The company took to its official X account to disclose this development, calling it a move that strengthens it. The firm also provided the details of the project, disclosing the very nature of the Superchain. It noted that the Superchain works as a rapidly expanding layer 2 chains network. According to the company, the respective chains share upgrades, bridging, communication layers, governance, and so on.

In addition to this, the firm disclosed that the Superchain will play the role of the Superchain’s chief Metadex. It will reportedly act as an all-inclusive forum to provide for the entirety of the liquidity requirements. It added that the voters using veVELO token of the firm will also play a crucial role. As per it, they will vote to push the emissions of VELO (Velodrome’s native token) to Lisk-based gauges.

Following that the liquidity providers will get rewards in return. Keeping that in view, Velodrome will work as the volume and liquidity hub regarding Superchain. In this way, the provision of standardized and interoperable experiences will be efficiently accomplished. The platform added that Lisk pays considerable attention to resolving the issues to offer a refined experience.

Lisk Allocates $1 Million for Voting Incentives to Boost Rewards

Hence, the firm primarily focuses on the problems related to the Emerging Markets. For this purpose, it presents on-chain solutions dealing with real-world assets, DePIN, and off-chain assets (OCA). While commenting on this development, Lisk has announced the allocation of up to $1 million in the form of voting incentives.

It asserts that this would boost the rewards in the ecosystem along with increasing Velodrome’s liquidity. It added that the initiative will provide convenience to protocols in effective deployment and growth on LISK. It also mentioned the example of the “Tour de OP” project that efficiently operates on Optimism.

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