Vertex Integrates Chainlink Data Streams for Lightning-Fast DEX Experience


Vertex, a top decentralized exchange operating on the busy Arbitrum network, has taken a big step towards optimal operations and improved user experience by integrating Chainlink Data Streams on its mainnet. This release indicates an important milestone for Vertex as it moves swiftly to benefit from Chainlink’s pull-based oracles that set the industry benchmark and transform its trading platform.

Chainlink Data Streams Bolster Security for Vertex DEX Users

Chainlink oracles are uniquely positioned in the market to offer sub-second price data, and that is a requirement for platforms like Vertex that operate at high speed in decentralized finance networks. Integrating Data Streams will increase Vertex’s reliability on accurate price data, thus enhancing trading speed execution in both derivatives and spot markets of digital assets.

The integration’s security element is another reason not to overestimate it. By working only with the best providers offering the best security architecture, Vertex allows its users to interact safely while fully assured that they access tamper-proof, manipulation-proof price data. This is particularly relevant for derivatives markets because even minor price discrepancies can lead to major disasters

For example, one of the uses that the platform wants is to apply the chain’s Glink Data Streams to the liquidation of under-collateralized positions and the calculation of funding rates. These are determined several times a day but should still be available in real-time to ensure the platform works properly.

Vertex Leads the Way with Chainlink Data Streams Integration

In addition to speed and security, Vertex is impressed to integrate Chainlink Data Streams due to the infrastructure’s role in minimizing extractive market practices. Data Streams provide credibly neutral infrastructure for price data delivery, ensuring that all marketplace players are heightened to a leveled field where no one has the upper hand, making money at the expense of others.

Darius Tabatabai, Vertex’s Co-Founder believed in the innovation integration, mentioning the new upgrade’s performance boost reality. Tabatabai reminded followers that speed is key to maintaining economic security in the current marketplace, whereby every millisecond matters under the increased market volatility and game of leverage. Vertex’s integration of Chainlink Data Streams sets the DEX platform above others as it continues with its mission aimed at offering the best lighting DEX experience for its users.

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