Viction and Cyborg Forge Game-Changing Partnership in Blockchain Gaming


Viction is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Cyborg, a pioneering gaming platform in the Ninety-Eight ecosystem. The deal will be transforming the GameFi landscape on Viction and creating new opportunities for game publishers and guilds. Unlike any other game launcher, Cyborg is the first gaming platform on Viction that brings game publishers and guilds together.

Cyborg and Viction Join Forces to Shape Future of Blockchain Gaming

As a member of the Ninety-Eight ecosystem, Cyborg will revamp the Viction gaming ecosystem by offering high-quality games and opening up new revenue avenues for gaming projects. As per Viction’s strategy to upgrade the Web3 environment with the help of GameFi, the cooperation with Cyborg will help in making blockchain gaming useful. We prioritize builders of all sizes by offering technical and guidance support, resources, funding, and network building opportunities for the development of their projects.

The Viction and Cyborg partnership genuinely rounds off the GameFi segment in the platform and guarantees a seamless gaming experience for builders and users. Every game on Cyborg satisfies a particular high standard and merges the more excellent attributes of Web2 games with Web3 prospects. The partnership between Viction and Cyborg is expected to be advantageous to game builders in growing their projects. It will take it to new heights on a transparent and straightforward platform.

Cyborg Bridges Web2 and Web3 Worlds, Sets Stage for Gaming Revolution

The goal is to democratize Web3 by providing technology-driven advantages to users, including zero gas fees, heightened security, decentralization, rapidity, and scalability. Cyborg has already introduced its debut game, Cyborg Heroes, produced in collaboration with Imba Games, a high-recognized studio in Asia. The game was an enormous hit on the App Store US, ranking in the Top 10 and becoming one of USA’s “Game From Southeast Asia” listings on Google Play.

By including more games on the Cyborg platform, Viction users can expect even more engaging new titles. Cyborg is an essential tool that enables game developers to meet players and communities. As a result of this, it brings Web2 and Web3 closer together. Viction and Cyborg share a unified vision, which will bring significant benefits to all parties involved in the industry including users and the brightest innovators and creators.

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