Web3 Data Layer Syntropy Rebrands To Synternet Awaiting Its Mainnet Launch

Web3 Data Layer Syntropy Rebrands To Synternet Awaiting Its Mainnet Launch

  • Web 3 data layer blockchain Syntropy rebrands to Synternet.

  • This will involve visual changes including logo, colour, and website design. 

  • Synternet will also include new features to extend innovations within its ecosystem.

In a bold move announced Wednesday, Web 3 data infrastructure platform Syntropy announced a full rebrand to Synternet in its quest to advance how data moves across blockchains. The rebrand will be reflected in its colour pallet (into a black and white colour code), its logo, and website design. 

Notwithstanding, switching to Synternet will also see a slew of new, advanced features added to its ecosystem – bringing novel technological advancements to the platform, the team announcement stated. 

On the rebrand to Synternet, Daniel Haudenschild, CEO of Synternet said: 

“Synternet isn’t just a rebrand; it’s a declaration of our bold vision for the future of blockchain. By providing the data infrastructure for Web3, we’re laying the foundation for a more open, interoperable, and innovative decentralized web.”

Launched as a platform aiming to transform how data moves across the internet using blockchain technology, the switch to Synternet blends well with the Web 3 data layer’s goals. The platform provides real-time data infrastructure that empowers developers to build the next generation of cross-chain dApps by utilizing composable data streams. This aims to solve the barriers to the accessibility of data across blockchains, removing the need for centralized data sources, which slows the development of blockchains and its adoption. 

According to the statement, Synternet is rebranding to align its outward identity with its technological advancements and strategic vision. The platform aims to become the leading Layer-1 blockchain powering data infrastructure to advance innovations across multiple blockchains. 

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With the mainnet set to launch later this year, Synternet’s rebranding will open up the Web 3 data layer to the wider blockchain ecosystem. The platform will link isolated chains into a synchronized, interoperable network, powering the data economy and enhancing the adoption of blockchain technology.  

Synternet to launch new features and developments

Adding to the novel visual rebrands, Synternet also plans to add several key developments and features to its platform in the coming months. The Monaco phase of its Q2 2024 roadmap has already kicked off, with the platform announcing major innovations within its ecosystem. 

First, Synternet is planning on the launch of its blockchain on the mainnet,  establishing a robust infrastructure for real-time, cross-chain data streams. In addition, the platform will introduce a fully operational token bridge between Ethereum and Cosmos, allowing users to seamlessly transfer value across the two blockchains. Finally, the development team aims to add significant upgrades to improve the publisher and developer experience, simplifying participation and innovation on the network.

Synternet CTO Jonas Simanavicius believes the rebrand is a crucial step in advancing the platform’s technology and “making its vision a reality”. 

“Our engineering team has been heads down building the technology to make the Synternet vision a reality,” Simanavicius added. “We couldn’t be more excited to invite the world to build and scale their dApps on our network in the coming months.”

Since its launch, the platform has grown its team to over 50+ Web 3 professionals and engineers with its community surpassing the 100,000 mark across several social media platforms and boasting 16,500+ holders of its native token, $NOIA. The platform has also received massive support from blockchain VCs with pledges totalling $10 million. 

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The rebrand is not set to affect the $NOIA token holders in any way, with operations on the Ethereum network set to continue till further notice. 

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