Weekly Crypto Watchlist: Top Coins And Key Trends To Monitor

Weekly Crypto Watchlist: Top Coins And Key Trends To Monitor

The week ahead presents a series of compelling narratives and coins that could potentially reshape crypto market dynamics. Renowned crypto analysts, Miles Deutscher and Layergg, have provided a granular outlook on the tokens and trends poised to make headlines. Here’s a deeper dive into their analyses:

Bitcoin: On the Verge Of Breaking New Ground

Miles Deutscher has underscored the resilience and bullish momentum of Bitcoin (BTC), which is inching closer to surpassing its all-time high. “The recovery post-dip has been exceptionally strong, and structurally, Bitcoin looks poised for significant gains. The previous high at $73.8k is the major resistance level to watch,” Deutscher notes. This sentiment reflects the growing investor confidence in Bitcoin as it continues to demonstrate strength in the face of market fluctuations.

Solana: Overcoming Challenges

Solana (SOL) has recently faced scrutiny due to network congestion issues, sparking debates about its scalability and reliability. However, Deutscher believes these challenges are temporary. “Like many of the previous SOL issues, I don’t think this will have any medium-long term impact. Solana, the biggest casino in the world, is well-positioned to continue its dominance,” he states, highlighting the network’s ability to bounce back from setbacks.

ORDI: Bullish On The BRC-20/BTC Narrative Ecosystem

ORDI stands out as a leader within the BRC-20/BTC narrative ecosystem, according to Deutscher. With the halving event only 12 days away, he observes a surprisingly quiet market narrative, which he finds uncharacteristic given the rarity and significance of such events. “I’m still bullish on BRC plays into the halving, with ORDI being a leader. Despite the quiet, the potential for significant market movement is palpable,” Deutscher asserts.

ALT: Anticipation Builds Around EigenLayer Airdrop

The crypto community is abuzz with speculation about the impending EigenLayer airdrop, and ALT is at the center of this excitement due to its close relationship with Eigen itself. “There have been some recent rumors around the EigenLayer airdrop being quite close, and the market will need betas heading into it. I like ALT, given its close relationship to Eigen itself, and that it’s also within the restaking narrative, which is likely to receive a subsequent boost,” Deutscher explains.

Recently, BitMEX founder Arthur Hayes’ has hinted at an upcoming Eigenlayer Token Generation Event (TGE). “Altlayer is a leading Eigen-beta with a ‘Restaked Rollup narrative’. ALT stakers are highly likely to receive airdrops of EIGEN and XTER,” Layergg added, emphasizing the potential rewards for early supporters.

Orion (ORN): Pioneering Exposure To EigenLayer

Orion, soon to be rebranded to $LUMIA, has caught Deutscher’s attention as the first restaking rollup on EigenLayer. “There aren’t many ways you can get exposure to EigenLayer pre-launch, hence why they’re on my radar. They’re also rebranding to $LUMIA, and the market has taken well to rebrands in recent weeks,” he comments, indicating the strategic importance of rebranding in the crypto sector.

Dogecoin (DOGE): Speculative Surge Ahead Of Doge Day

Dogecoin’s performance leading up to Doge Day on April 20th is a focal point for traders and investors alike. “DOGE has done well in recent years leading up to that day, as people begin speculating that Elon may tweet. Looking for strength, it may be a decent trade if an entry presents,” Deutscher mentions, pointing to the speculative nature of this annual event.

Lesser-Known Crypto Altcoins To Watch

Furthermore, Layergg has provided additional insights into crypto tokens and narratives that could shape the market this week:

Ethena (ENA): Layergg highlights ENA’s impressive performance and strategic expansion. “Ethena has not only achieved the highest returns among major dApps over the last 7 days, with $8M in earnings, but has also significantly increased its TAM with BTC collateral acceptance.”

Fantom (FTM): With its “horizontal scaling” narrative, Fantom is poised to benefit from Solana’s recent issues. “Andre Cronje’s comments on the upcoming ‘Sonic upgrade’ and a ‘bigger target’ for the summer underscore Fantom’s ambitious roadmap,” Layergg notes.

MANTLE: The promise of high returns for $MNT stakers, combined with the ATH in the price of $PUFF following an airdrop, highlights Mantle’s growing appeal. “Mantle’s TVL and holders are reaching new ATHs daily, acting as a catalyst for upward momentum,” the crypto analyst observes.

ANKR: The anticipation of an important announcement at “Stability World AI” has put ANKR in the crypto spotlight. “The utility of the $ANKR token is being reevaluated due to Neura, highlighting its innovative approach to combining AI, dePIN, BTC LST, and RaaS,” Layergg comments.

Stargate (STG): The imminent launch of Stargate V2 and its position as the leading bridge signals a reevaluation of interoperability projects’ value. “The competition with Wormhole $W is causing a reevaluation of the value of interoperability projects, with STG leading the charge,” Layergg states.

At press time, BTC traded at $71,713.

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