Will Bitgert Coin’s Price Soar After Bitcoin Halving? Here’s What Experts Say

As Bitcoin’s halving approaches, eyes are on its effect on the smaller cryptos, including Bitgert Coin. It’s an event that calls more activity and market strategy from most investors, so if holding or considering the case of Bitgert investments, this is a critical time.

Bitcoin Halving: The Truth Decoded

Bitcoin halving is a programmed event in the Bitcoin network, cutting the reward for miners confirming new blocks of transactions by half every four years. The mechanism forms part of the consensus rules of Bitcoin, which enforces a hard cap in the total supply of bitcoins at 21 million. The block reward, in its original design, thus stood at 50 bitcoins. After the first halving – of 25 bitcoins in 2012, Bitcoin has halved thereafter for four years consecutively. The purpose of it is to control the rate of new bitcoins that enters in the system to project the rare and deflationary characteristics of that of precious metals. This diminishing supply schedule would, therefore, increase the scarcity of Bitcoin and possibly drive up the value if and only if the demand continues at a constant pace or increases. Theoretically, the halving takes place every 210,000 blocks that are mined and has historically occurred about every four years. This predictable decline in supply is vital since it influences miners’ profitability, therefore influencing the security and decentralization of the network.

The Bitgert Project Fundamentals

Bitgert is a blockchain project offering multi-crypto products, including a wallet, audits, swap, staking platform, and an exchange, under its platform, along with its blockchain. It sounds pretty impressive that all these developments were done within 200 days of launch. BRISE token incentivizes holders with staking rewards in BUSD and brings about a buyback function meant to add to price growth and scarcity.

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Currently, Bitgert tokens can be traded on various platforms, with PancakeSwap (v2) being the most active. The trade volume in the last 24 hours seems to have just started waning. It recently dropped to $1,909,865, indicating few people being active within the market. Bitgert is, however, much lower in price compared to its all-time high in March 2022 and, therefore, an extraordinary rise from its all-time low, thus suggesting volatility but potential gains in its investment. The market cap of Bitgert is $66,121,173, and the fully diluted valuation being slightly higher at $71,364,123.

This difference illustrates potential market growth if all tokens were to be issued, indicating long-term prospects. Considering the Bitcoin halving, Bitgert should be better off it—generally, the increase in halving hikes interest and prices in the crypto market. The halving may, therefore, imply increased investment in altcoins like Bitgert as investors start diversifying their portfolios in search of yield and growth elsewhere other than Bitcoin, more so considering Bitgert’s array of offerings and reward mechanisms.

Can Bitgert Win During Halving?

Yes, Bitgert is poised to expand in this time of halving. Although, beware, not all Bitgert-timed coins can succeed in the long run vs. Bitgert’s future-driven roadmap. DYOR, and keep checking Bitgert’s market runs post-halving before placing your bets.

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