With 500 Investors Already In, NFTFN’s Presale Heats Up for a Summer Boom

With 500 Investors Already In, NFTFN's Presale Heats Up for a Summer Boom

With the presale already drawing 500 investors, NFTFN is becoming a notable discussion point among the crypto community. The buzz is not just about the numbers; the swift sale of over $250,000 worth of tokens has market watchers anticipating a summer boom. This isn’t surprising, given NFTFN’s aim to revolutionize NFT trading by making it more inclusive and manageable.

What is NFTFN?

NFTFN is a financial technology company that leverages the unique attributes of NFTs to create innovative financial products. It offers an order-book-based decentralized exchange (DEX) that enables traders to speculate on the floor price of various high-profile NFT collections through indexes, such as its leading product, SuperNova (SNV). This platform is built for those who wish to engage in NFT trading without the usual entry barriers, such as high costs and the complex process of managing NFTs.

Tackling NFT Market Challenges

One of NFTFN’s core strengths lies in its promise to tackle three critical barriers that currently stifle the NFT market. Firstly, the platform significantly lowers the entry threshold by offering a diversified index of Blue-Chip NFTs, making it affordable for the average investor to take part in premium NFT trading. Secondly, the platform enhances market liquidity, which has been a notable concern in the unique owner ecosystem of NFTs. Lastly, it simplifies the trading process, removing the intimidating complexity that often deters potential traders. By addressing these pain points, NFTFN’s presale shows the market’s belief in its solutions’ potential.>> Be Among the FIRST! Get the Exclusive Perks From NFTFN Presale <<

Strategic Roadmap and Investment

The journey outlined in NFTFN’s roadmap is as strategic as it is ambitious. Key deliverables include the already accomplished launch of their V1 NFT-index Perpetual on the Polygon Testnet and preparations for the mainnet and token launches. With a clear trajectory and concrete products, the roadmap backs the fervor seen in the presale activity.

Additionally, the confidence of over 500 investors is underpinned by the strong investment NFTFN has raised. The $500K raised from industry heavyweights like Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwal and Alpha Wave Global before the presale is a testament to the platform’s robust foundations and potential for substantial impact.

Why NFTFN’s Presale Stands Out

The promising aspect of NFTFN’s presale lies in the funds raised and the solutions it offers. By allowing exposure to an index of top-tier NFTs and providing tools for hedging and leveraging, NFTFN is poised to open up the NFT market to a broader audience. This is coupled with a planned expansion into cross-margin support and on-chain order matching, setting the stage for a holistic NFT trading experience.

The presale’s success hints at the crypto community’s readiness for such innovations. With the summer season fast approaching, the presale activity indicates a warming trend that could lead to a significant boom for NFTFN. The company’s measured approach to dismantling the barriers of NFT trading positions it as a potential game-changer in the space. As the presale continues, the market watches keenly to see if this momentum will translate into a new era for NFT trading.


NFTFN is the go-to platform for perpetual trading of diverse assets like Blue-Chip NFTs, Crypto, and Real-World Assets. With a minimum investment of just $10, users can easily take long or short positions on their chosen asset class, catering to traders of all levels.


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