Worldcoin Announces the Launch of World Chain in the Coming Months


Worldcoin, the project that Sam Altman (the chief executive officer of OpenAI) founded, has announced the launch of World Chain. As per the announcement, the platform has a plan to unveil the respective project in the coming months during this summer and Ethereum will secure it. The project will have the purpose of offering unparalleled scalability by leveraging the Superchain ecosystem.

Worldcoin to Introduce World Chain within This Summer

In a recent blog post, Worldcoin disclosed that it will make the chain open for people. Validated people will obtain priority over bots and gas allowance concerning casual transfers. Developers will reportedly have the ability to reach several million among the respective real users across the globe. The apps will primarily focus on the utility within everyday life.

The platform will comprehensively integrate the network into the Worldcoin protocol. This will potentially assist in speeding up growth along with taking benefit from the Proof of Personhood of World ID. In addition to this, Ethereum will secure it as a layer 2 while it will provide scalability by using the Superchain ecosystem. Moreover, the company also pointed out that the work of the project will be completely permissionless.

The Project Offers Easy Onboarding, Anonymous Validation, and Free Gas for Validated Humans,

Additionally, it will operate as an open-source forum. Worldcoin says that the community should ultimately govern it. Without providing a specific date for the project’s launch, the company stated that it would emerge during this summer. The company also discussed the current scenario regarding crypto adoption.

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To keep onboarding people at a significant pace, some huge jumps in blockchain technology are needed, it added. Specifically, the respective advancements reportedly deal with utility, user experience, and efficiency. Hence, it asserted that the platform’s consumer transfers presently stand at forty-four percent of the activity of OP Mainnete. Additionally, the World Chain’s design preferably raises the capacity to let new people keep on joining.

With World ID, the company deals with the overwhelming bots. It lets the users validate their personhood with anonymity via zero-knowledge proofs. Validated addresses will additionally get some allowance concerning free gas. The project will use $ETH as its native token while people can use WLD for easy fee payments.

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