ZNS Connect Launches XLayer to Bridge OKX and Ethereum Communities



ZNS Connect, the premier decentralized communication ID platform, is thrilled to introduce the ZK-powered Layer 2 network and development hub, XLayer. In turn, XLayer links the OKX and Ethereum communities, as it paves the way for collaboration in the ever-growing Web3 sphere.

ZNS Connect and XLayer Revolutionize Domain Names with Web3 Integration

The DeFi and blockchain spheres have reached a major conceptual milestone. XLayer has created a bridge between the OKX and Ethereum ecosystems, as the OKX users can now easily transfer value and define new excursions for creativity and advancement.

With the revolution of the digital world by non-fungible tokens, the domain name industry undergoes a transformation with ZNS Connect and XLayer. In collaboration, they develop a user-friendly platform, which leads to minting and display of ‘Web3 pages’ with confidential names specifically. They also introduce a new layer used to manage digital assets.


XLayer Enhances Transaction Efficiency and Security in Web3

XLayer utilizes the Polygon Commit Chain to achieve near-instant finality and unified liquidity. This increases transaction efficiency and their reliability as they flow across the network. XLayer is a reputable platform to deploy EVM smart contracts and onboard assets from various chains. This makes the interaction with the Web3 ecosystem simpler and safer.

Furthermore, the XLayer is the Web3 gateway via the OKX Wallet, where has some ambiance infrastructure modules for the building of modern DApps. Because of that fact, XLayer allows everyone access to the tools and resources needed to participate in the decentralized economy, enabling individuals and organizations to unlock the potential of the Layer 2 Network and level up their innovation.

XLayer, ZK-powered Layer 2 network by ZNS Connect, that aligns the OKX and Ethereum communities. It uses a combination of $OKB token and Polygon Commit Chain integration to ensure users interact with the web3 network while remaining prolific.

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