Zypher Games and B2 Network Partner Up to Explore On-Chain Games


Zypher Games, a Web3 on-chain game studio, has joined B2 Network. The collaboration reportedly focuses on delving into the on-chain games’ experience within the ecosystem of Bitcoin while both the partners will leverage take benefit from each other. Zypher Games took to its official X account to disclose the respective endeavor.

B2 Network Collaborates with Zypher Games to Revolutionize On-Chain Games

As per the company, it utilizes the AI and ZKP of B2 Network to broaden its gaming ecosystem on the chain. The use of Zytron Kit will enable Zypher to deploy the latest L3 on B2 Network. The respective project will emerge as the earliest L3 in the Bitcoin ecosystem to back on-chain gaming. Though the ecosystem of Bitcoin is swiftly evolving, it has been facing the issue of imperfect infrastructure.

Because of the deficient infrastructure, the on-chain gaming sphere has been going through a stagnation. B2 Network operates as a top L2 in the Bitcoin ecosystem. Keeping that in view, it has been endeavoring to develop the most useful BTC L2 network. With this, it has been bringing the developer sector back to the BTC ecosystem. The partnership between the two entities goes beyond just onboarding the present on-chain games in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

The Project Will Explore Exclusive Opportunities

Moreover, both the collaborators also intend to work jointly and move toward exclusive opportunities. Hence, the entities will develop the on-chain games-related infrastructure in line with their compatibility with the *BTC* ecosystem.

As a result of these efforts, Zypher Games asserted, the partnership will pave the way for the further advancement of the on-chain games. Zytron Kit of Zypher Games supports the Game Engine of the entity in the form of pre-compiled contracts. It is going to launch within a couple of weeks from now.

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