3 Altcoins Heavily Googled In March That Are Set To Hit New Highs In April

3 Altcoins Heavily Googled In March That Are Set To Hit New Highs In April

The altcoin market is soaring. Multiple projects have seen returns of over 100%, with projects like Dogwifhat surging a massive 770% in just one month. Following the recent market rally, experts believe that Toncoin and Pullix could be the next projects to increase. Both have seen a rapid rise in Google searches, implying that investors could be looking to purchase them going into April.

Bullish Announcement Triggers Toncoin Spike

Over the last week, an innovative community program has been announced within the Toncoinecosystem. Known as The Open League, the program will reward growing projects within the Toncoin ecosystem with 30 million Toncoin, estimated to be worth $115 million at the time of writing.

This new incentive triggered a 13% increase in Toncoin, pushing TON over its former resistance level of $4.85. Toncoin has since experienced further price increases and is now trading at $5.25.

According to data from CoinMarketCap, Toncoin has increased in value by 39.9% in the last week, and its monthly returns hit 148%. This makes Toncoin one of the best-performing cryptocurrencies in March and has created bullish momentum going into April.

Dogwifhat Soars 773% In March

Dogwifhat soared a massive 773% over the last month. The meme coin hit an all-time high on March 15 and has since broken into the world’s top 50 ranked cryptocurrencies.

This recent increase was influenced by Bitcoin’s price rally, during which it hit an all-time high of over $73,000. With bullish momentum continuing to dominate the market, investors believe that Dogwifhat could see additional price increases over the next month.

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Presently, Dogwifhat is trading at $3.21 and has increased in value by 36% over the last week. According to bullish expert predictions, Dogwifhat could pass $4 during the Bitcoin halving event in April.

That said, Dogwifhat is still a somewhat risky investment. Due to its lack of utility, Dogwifhatrelies on market trends. As a result, it could crash once the current bull run peaks.


Could Pullix Become April’s Top Performer?

Pullix is an innovative hybrid exchange that combines DeFi and TradFi assets. Backed by its community, the platform builds on decentralized exchanges like PancakeSwap with deep liquidity and over 500 different assets for investors to choose from.

The platform will let users trade assets using margin and will utilize OpenAI to offer advanced trading tools for a well-rounded investor experience. These tools are designed to optimize an investor’s ability to make profitable trades and include better order execution and copy trade opportunities.

Pullix is built on Ethereum, and has quickly gained popularity due to its myriad of unique features. For example, investors can convert staked tokens into liquidity on decentralized exchanges.

Following a user-focused approach, the Pullix ($PLX) developers have created a seamless platform that makes it easy for both experienced and new investors to trade assets. Furthermore, investors will also be able to take advantage of a secure vault storage for cryptocurrencies, an innovative NFT launchpad, and a lending protocol where investors can generate a passive income.

Investors using Pullix while holding $PLX tokens will be able to suggest new assets for the platform and generate additional profit through yield farming. With so many features, experts believe Pullix could become one of the market’s leading decentralized exchanges by 2025.

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For more information about Pullix use the details below:

Website: https://pullix.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/pullixmarkets

Telegram: https://t.me/pullixmarkets

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