ANKR Price Face Bears Despite The Neura Launch, DTX Exchange Emerges With Massive Potential For 25x Surge

 Ankr has recently made headlines after the launch of its Neura Blockchain. Ankr offers a comprehensive Web3 development hub, providing developers with a range of tools for building and improving the functionality of Web3 applications across 46 blockchains. 

The introduction of the Neura blockchain marks a significant addition to AI and Web3 technologies. Although the hopes were high about the project’s native token, ANKR, it has experienced a massive decline primarily attributed to a broader shift in the crypto market and limited adoption.

Neura Blockchain marks a milestone in AI and Web3 Technologies

Neura is a ground-breaking platform that deals with the fundamental challenges encountered by AI-based startups. ANKR’s announcement of the Neura launch on March 26 sparked a wave of excitement within its community. 

The platform’s core strength lies in the utilization of blockchain protocols, smart contracts to streamline AI access, and scalable GPU powers for AI models. These distinct features are crucial for transforming the deployment, training, and operation of AI models on blockchain technology.

By adopting token standards like ERC-404 and ERC-7641, Neura facilitates fractional ownership and transparent revenue sharing. This has infused confidence in the community, positioning Neura to propel ANKR to a leading position in the crypto space, with the potential for significant bullish momentum.

ANKR price plunges after Neura dust settles down

After a bullish trend witnessed by ANKR, the price is moving towards a major pitfall. The token is currently down by 6% on the intraday chart and 12.2% on the weekly chart. With a declining market cap and trading volume, it has raised speculations among investors, with concerns about potential future losses.

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Market experts believe there is still time for the widespread adoption of Neura and the project developments have a minor influence on the token’s price trajectory. While ANKR is expected to recover from the pitfall soon, investors are cautious as they shift their investments to this emerging exchange with massive potential. 

DTX Exchange empowers traders with 1000x leverage and security features

DTX Exchange (DTX) is gaining prominence as a significant project in the DeFi sector with its unique hybrid platform equipped with tools to enhance trading efficiency and profit capitalization.  Following a successful private seed round, the project has entered stage 1 of its public presale, stunning the crypto market by raising $100k in just two days. 

  With the unique blend of centralization and decentralization, the platform’s hybrid model ensures security and ease of use, even for new traders thanks to its no-KYC requirements. The platform offers non-custodial wallets to secure individual assets in case of any security breach upholding its commitment to individual ownership. 

One of DTX Exchange’s standout features is its leverage scheme, offering traders up to 1000x leverage to engage in diverse trading markets such as forex, cryptocurrencies, equities, and CFDs. Traders can optimize their investments using liquidity pools, minimal trading fees, and statistical market insights with minimal capital requirements.

DTX Exchange is perfectly positioned to transform the DeFi space, providing unparalleled opportunities to traders. DTX token is projected to moonshot from its current price level of $0.02 once it hits the market. Investors are eyeing the bright prospects of DTX as the project continues to reshape the future of trade.

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