How to Earn with Toncoin On its Popularity Peak?



Toncoin is a phenomenon that has rocked the industry and received recognition from many crypto enthusiasts. This token has reached the peak of popularity and opened up many new opportunities for earning. According to CoinMarketCap statistics, its price has increased by 100% over the last month. What is the secret of such a meteoric rise? How can you take advantage of Toncoin to make money? This article will reveal the crucial aspects of earning with Toncoin and shed light on the patterns that made the coin the talk of the town.

What’s Toncoin & Its Role in the Crypto Industry?

Toncoin is the native cryptocurrency of The Open Network (TON), an innovative third-generation blockchain platform initially developed by Telegram in 2018. However, in 2020, Pavel Durov, the network’s founder, halted development and released the code publicly following legal proceedings. Despite this setback, the project persisted, buoyed by a dedicated community.

In 2021, the TON blockchain achieved a significant milestone by breaking the world speed record, processing an impressive 55,000 transactions per second. This remarkable feat underscored the project’s emphasis on high scalability and performance, significantly contributing to its widespread adoption. Notably, Toncoin, the native cryptocurrency of Telegram Open Network, experienced a surge in popularity, ranking 11th in the CoinMarketCap ranking by capitalization.


Toncoin serves various functions within the network, including facilitating transactions and enabling participation in protocol management. Toncoin’s success story serves as a beacon of inspiration for modern cryptocurrency projects seeking mass adoption. Despite regulatory challenges, Toncoin has persevered, continuing to evolve and attracting a growing community of crypto enthusiasts.

What is the secret of Toncoin’s popularity?

Toncoin stands on three unbreakable pillars that fuelled its popularity:

Telegram Messaging App 

The high value of Toncoin is attributed to its launch within Telegram’s ecosystem. Incorporating the Toncoin wallet into its widely adopted messaging app substantially motivated its expansion.

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Advanced Technology

TON, built with a multi-level architecture, processes thousands of transactions per second. This advanced technology also has a vast potential for future improvements. Therefore, the speed and innovation were spread across crypto news as a novel record that caught users’ attention.

Strong Community Support 

Toncoin has cultivated a loyal and dedicated community of supporters who are actively engaging with the project. There are over 32,000 token holders and over 700,000 website visits per month of the TON website. 

Popularizing cryptocurrency is a complex process that begins with the token’s launch on the market and continues throughout its existence. Crypto projects offer multiple services, making devising a new solution more complicated. However, Toncoin’s team seems to have nailed it.


How to earn with Toncoin while it sets new ATHs?

New Toncoin price records are only a matter of time. While the token increases in value, you can manage its accumulation. There are several ways to earn Toncoin and use this currency to get crypto income.

  • Trading Toncoin: TON is listed on various crypto platforms and decentralized exchanges, such as OKX and Bybit. It can also be bought using Telegram bots and crypto wallets. However, there’s also a place to buy Toncoin with extra bonuses as a new user in a profitable iGaming niche with their swap systems. One of these platforms is BetFury, the leading crypto and iGaming ecosystem, which recently listed Toncoin. By purchasing Toncoin on BetFury, you can also experience an upgraded Welcome Pack with generous up to 590% on the deposit and 225 Free Spins. Find the promocode below to get the registration bonus.
  • Staking Toncoin: Several platforms offer Toncoin staking, and 21Shares has received the most attention recently. It launched an exchange-traded fund (ETF) pegged to Toncoin that tracks the asset’s price fluctuations and reinvests profits into staking. According to its website, 21Shares had around $7 billion in assets under management as of March 26.
  • Gaming with Toncoin: anyone can earn crypto by playing games. Toncoin has become a part of the iGaming industry by partnering with many entertainment projects. For example, the new game Catizen allows you to collect FISH and CATS tokens for upgrading your pets and speeding up the process using TON currency. Another example is BetFury, which has over 8,000 Slots and 20 Original games with up to 99.28% RTP for users to place bets in Toncoin. So, you can choose any exciting entertainment to earn more crypto with Toncoin.
  • Investing in Promising Projects: there is another way to earn crypto – searching for promising projects with drops and investments in technologies related to TON. One of the most popular is the Free TON blockchain from TON Labs. It’s another TON prototype with the native TON Crystal token, created based on Durov’s open-source code. Free TON developers have made useful applications and tools, such as the TON-Ethereum Bridge or the TON Surf wallet. Thus, investing in such projects can help you to reach your earning goals.
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As you can see, TON is now at the peak of popularity. Toncoin is available for trading and is open to any investment opportunities. If you want to get Toncoin now, go to BetFury and buy it in a matter of seconds, along with crypto bonuses. The first 70 users to register on BetFury and enter the promo code TONCOIN by April 30th will receive 400 BFG on their bonus balance. Make an x40 wager playing on BetFury to claim your registration bonus and get a chance to win crypto while reaching the wager.

Which Factors to Consider Investing in Cryptocurrency?

Investing, staking, or trading cryptocurrency requires users to be cautious and attentive.  Keep in mind these aspects to avoid dangers.

  • DYOR: do research to find more suitable tools for earning crypto and study this area more deeply.
  • Stop-loss: pay attention to stop-loss orders to use them as a limit to potential losses.
  • News Tracking: stay updated on Toncoin news from official resources to always be within the information field.
  • Ensure Security: check for audits and install the necessary security measures for funds on the platform where you earn money.

Will Toncoin’s Price Go Up or Down in the Nearest Future?

Toncoin has potential solid and bright long-term prospects. Its price has almost doubled over the past month, which confirms this fact. The Open Network is already on track to compete with Bitcoin and Ethereum, offering lightning-fast transaction speeds and low fees. According to CoinCodex statistics, the price of Toncoin will range from $5.07 to $24.16 by 2025. These analysts rely on the historical price movement of the token, as well as the influence of the BTC Halving and other crucial events. The currency is unique and can become even more valuable soon. However, market volatility makes setting the exact Toncoin price prediction impossible.

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The Open Network is a technological breakthrough that has boosted the cohesion of the crypto community. Toncoin’s fire has not gone out and will warm the wallets of all its owners for many years. Therefore, strive for maximum benefits with Toncoin on trusted crypto platforms.

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