AVNU Partners with Braavos Wallet for Best Execution on Starknet



AVNU is excited to introduce its partnership with the best-in-class Braavos team, making best execution available to the fingertips of Braavosians. With Braavos’s amazing wallet on Starknet, users can experience swapping with the best prices and lowest gas across the Ethereum ecosystem.

AVNU and Braavos Collaboration Promises Exciting Developments for Users

This partnership is a stepping stone towards several exciting announcements that await Braavos users through the rest of the year. AVNU’s unified liquidity allows users to obtain the best possible exchange rate on Starknet. Braavos wallet integrates all major DEXs on Starknet, including Ekubo, mySwap, Nostra, Jediswap, and more.

With this integration, AVNU users will not only be able to enjoy a convenient trading experience from a single interface but also a minimized risk of a price impact, low slippage trading. AVNU’s collaboration with Braavos is aligned with a mutual mission of enhancing user trading experience and granting access to the newest DeFi developments.


Braavos Users Set to Enjoy Enhanced Trading Experience with AVNU Partnership

The team of AVNU aims not only to ensure the provision of liquidity but also to guarantee that end-users have all the tools necessary to leverage decentralized protocols seamlessly and efficiently. This partnership exactly achieves this mission, as Best Execution is finally accessible to Braavos users at their conveniences.

It has long been AVNU’s goal to make sure that DeFi is easily accessed by as many users as possible. Thus, by engaging Wallet providers, they are able to ensure that centralized users gain access to DEXs liquidity pools and automated market makers. The partnership of AVNU and Braavos ensures that Braavos users will soon be able to enjoy a comprehensive experience when trading in Starknet.

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