BlackRock’s BUIDL Investors Get Instant USDC Access via Circle’s New Feature

BlackRock X Circle

  • Circle and BlackRock team up, letting investors easily switch fund shares into USDC stablecoin and boosting liquidity.
  • BlackRock’s BUIDL fund offers tokenized shares on Ethereum, attracting investors with USD yields.

Circle has introduced a new smart contract functionality enabling the transfer of BlackRock USD Institutional Digital Liquidity Fund (BUIDL) shares to its stablecoin, USDC. This strategic integration opens doors for investors seeking seamless transactions between tokenized assets and a stable digital currency.


Circle’s newly introduced smart contract functionality facilitates the frictionless transfer of BUIDL shares to USDC on the secondary market. In addition, this innovative feature streamlines converting tokenized fund shares into a stable digital currency, offering investors increased flexibility and liquidity in their investment portfolios.

Launched by BlackRock in March 2024, BUIDL represents a groundbreaking venture into tokenized fund offerings. Operating on the Ethereum blockchain, BUIDL allows investors to access U.S. dollar yields through tokenization. Additionally, BUIDL caters to the growing demand for digital liquidity solutions in the cryptocurrency market by investing in assets like U.S. Treasury bills.

The collaboration between Circle and BlackRock marks a significant milestone in the evolution of digital asset management. Building upon years of cooperation in the crypto industry, this partnership underscores the mutual commitment to driving innovation and expanding investment opportunities. Circle’s secure and efficient platform, coupled with BlackRock’s expertise in asset management, sets the stage for continued growth and innovation in the digital asset ecosystem.

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Driving Institutional Adoption and BUIDL’s Market Traction

Since its inception, BUIDL has garnered significant interest from institutional investors, with over $240 million in deposits within its first week. Notably, crypto startup Ondo Finance contributed $95 million to BUIDL, highlighting the platform’s appeal to diverse investment entities. With a minimum deposit requirement of $5 million, BUIDL caters to institutional players while enabling collateral utilization for projects like Ondo Finance.

Circle has been proactive in recent weeks, embarking on strategic initiatives to solidify its position within the blockchain industry. Notably, the company integrated its USDC stablecoin into the zkSync ecosystem, enhancing transactional efficiency and scalability. Additionally, Circle partnered with Solana to introduce its cross-chain transfer protocol into the Solana blockchain ecosystem, further extending the reach and interoperability of its offerings.

Stablecoin Market Dynamics

Circle’s stablecoin, USDC, is a cornerstone of stability and liquidity in the digital asset market. With a market cap of approximately $32 billion, USDC ranks as the industry’s second-largest stablecoin, providing a reliable medium of exchange and store of value for investors worldwide. Integrating BUIDL shares adds further utility to USDC, reinforcing its position as a preferred choice for digital asset transactions. Additionally, Circle’s initiative to enable BUIDL share transfers to USDC aligns with its broader vision of democratizing access to digital assets. 

In related news, BlackRock’s foray into tokenized funds comes amid significant inflows into its iShares Bitcoin Trust (IBIT), highlighting growing investor interest in digital asset investment products. Moreover, the recent success of IBIT, coupled with Circle’s strategic initiatives, signals a broader trend toward integrating traditional finance with the burgeoning cryptocurrency market.

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