‘Kaspa Killer’ BlockDAG’s Presale Tops $16.4M as ROI Jumps 30,000x Amidst AVAX Investors’ Anticipation


As Avalanch investors brace for a potential surge, Kaspa experiences a 3% increase in just 24 hours. However, the “Kaspa Killer” BlockDAG’s presale success and unveiling of its technical whitepaper mark the dawn of a new era. 

BlockDAG’s milestone signifies the achievement of amassing a remarkable $16.4M in presale funds. With each coin priced at 0.0045 in its current batch 8, analysts anticipate an extraordinary 30,000x return on investment (ROI) for BlockDAG. Additionally, the BDAG price has surged by 350% from batch one, making it the fastest-growing cryptocurrency. 

Avalanche Emerges Among Top Contenders in the Market

Avalanche investors amassed nearly 52 million tokens valued at over $2.1 billion in March 2024. As a prominent cryptocurrency ranking in the top ten, it has garnered significant attention from both whales and investors within the crypto market. This influx of investment signals confidence in Avalanche’s (AVAX) potential for price appreciation despite its recent dip from the $60 region to the $40 region. Notably, Avalanche (AVAX) maintains a low correlation with Bitcoin, suggesting its independence from broader market trends.

Analysts are foreseeing a potential rally for Avalanche (AVAX), eyeing the $60 region as a potential target to achieve by May 2024. Positioned uniquely in the market and buoyed by an optimistic forecast, Avalanche (AVAX) stands as one of the top altcoins, captivating the attention of investors seeking diversification beyond Bitcoin’s sway.

Kaspa Price Analysis: A Surge of 3.97% in 24 Hours

Kaspa price has increased 3.97% over the past 24 hours to $0.14. Over the past week, KAS has experienced an uptick of over 8.0%, moving from $0.13 to its current price. As it stands right now, the coin’s all-time high is $0.19.

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Over the past week, the trading volume of the coin has surged by 33.0%, demonstrating an opposite trajectory to the overall circulating supply, which has declined by 0.77%. This adjustment brings the circulating supply to 23.09 billion, constituting approximately 80.44% of its maximum supply of 28.70 billion. Data indicates that KAS is currently ranked #43 in terms of market capitalization, standing at $3.27 billion.

‘Kaspa Killer’ BlockDAG Shakes Up Crypto Space with $16.4M Presale Triumph

Positioned as a cryptocurrency sensation, BlockDAG, also known as the “Kaspa Killer,” has captured the attention of the crypto sphere, with the presale seeing an incredible boost since the unveiling of the V2 technical whitepaper. With a staggering $16.4 million amassed in its presale batches, the platform is now in its eighth batch, priced at 0.0045 per coin. Analysts foresee the presale concluding within the next three months, with an enticing ROI potential of 30,000x.

BlockDAG aligns seamlessly with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Developers can effortlessly deploy existing Ethereum-based smart contracts, accelerating project development. This compatibility offers access to a rich toolkit of resources and established communities within the blockchain landscape. Several tools from Ethereum, including some web3 tools and MetaMask, are also directly compatible with the BlockDAG network. Easily deploy existing Ethereum-based smart contracts, accelerating development Tap into a vast ecosystem of tools, resources, and communities Leverage the proven technology and security of Ethereum.

Its pioneering inclusion in everyday cryptocurrency transactions via an advanced payment card, along with its leadership in Low Code and No Code platforms for creating smart contracts, represents a substantial stride toward simplifying and expanding the utilization of blockchain technology in DeFi and supply chain industries.

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Why BlockDAG?  

Kaspa continues to draw attention for being known for its fast transactions and unique Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) architecture, while AVAX investors prepare for a possible rally. However, BlockDAG’s remarkable achievement in the presale phase, its incredible speed, scalability and innovative technology solidify its position as the emerging “Kaspa Killer.” With an impressive accumulation of over $16.4 million in presale funds and sales exceeding 7.3 billion coins, experts anticipate BlockDAG to hit $10 by 2025 and an astounding 30,000x ROI. This establishes it as one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies in the market.

Invest in the BlockDAG Presale Now:

Website: https://blockdag.network

Presale: https://purchase.blockdag.network

Telegram: https://t.me/blockDAGnetworkOfficial

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