Dogecoin Whale Takes $52.3 Million In DOGE Off Binance, Sign Of Buying?

Dogecoin Whale Takes $52.3 Million In DOGE Off Binance, Sign Of Buying?
Dogecoin Whale Takes $52.3 Million In DOGE Off Binance, Sign Of Buying?

On-chain data shows a Dogecoin whale made a large withdrawal from Binance today, which may be bullish for the memecoin’s price.

A Large Amount Of Dogecoin Has Left The Binance Platform In The Past Day

According to data from the cryptocurrency transaction tracker service Whale Alert, a large transfer has been spotted on the Dogecoin blockchain during the past day.

In this move, the network has processed the movement of 304,588,737 DOGE, worth around $52.3 million when the transaction was executed. Given the large scale of the transfer, it’s likely that a whale entity was involved.

The whales are influential on the network due to the sheer number of tokens they carry in their wallets. As such, their moves can be worth keeping an eye on since they may cause noticeable fluctuations in the market.

How the market would be affected by the moves from these humongous entities depends on what they intend to do with those moves. Naturally, it’s impossible to say what an investor plans to do confidently.

The type of addresses involved in the transaction, however, can sometimes at least provide a hint about what the whale may have wanted to achieve with the move.

Below are the details of the latest Dogecoin whale transaction, which reveals its relevant addresses.

Dogecoin Whale Outflow

As is visible, this Dogecoin transaction was executed from a wallet connected to the cryptocurrency exchange Binance. The destination of the move appears to have been a couple of unknown addresses.

An unknown address refers to a wallet not affiliated with any centralized entity like an exchange (the sender in this transfer is a “known” wallet as it’s attached to a central entity in Binance). Generally, such addresses are the investors’ personal, self-custodial wallets.

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Transfers where coins move in the direction of exchanges to self-custodial entities are known as “exchange outflows.” Usually, investors make such moves when they plan to hold onto their coins long-term, as it’s safer to do so outside of these platforms, where the platforms control the wallets.

Exchange outflows can also sometimes be an indication that fresh buying is going on, as some investors like to immediately withdraw their purchases of these platforms.

Given the relatively massive scale of the Dogecoin exchange outflow in the current case, it can naturally be bullish news for investors if the whale is indeed accumulating here.

However, the scenario also exists where the whale has withdrawn to sell through the peer-to-peer (P2P) mode. In this case, the effect on the asset could be bearish instead.

DOGE Price

At the time of writing, Dogecoin is floating around $0.176, down 16% over the past week.

Dogecoin Price Chart

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