Komodo CTO Warns That Bitcoin Is Becoming Too Centralized, Here’s Why

Komodo CTO Warns That Bitcoin Is Becoming Too Centralized, Here’s Why

Kadan Stadelmann, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Komodo, an open-source technology workshop, has raised concerns about the increasing centralization of the world’s largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Stadelmann asserts that the rising centralization poses a threat to the fundamental principle of BTC as a decentralized digital currency

Centralization Poses Existential Threat To Bitcoin

According to Stadelmann, a worrying trend of centralization within the Bitcoin network could threaten the cryptocurrency’s decentralized identity. Citing the increasing concentration of mining power within a few mining pools, the Komodo CTO highlighted that only two mining pools, Foundry USA and Antpool control more than 50% of Bitcoin’s hash rate. 

Based on Blockchain.com’s data, Foundry USA commands a 27.33% share, having mined approximately 164 blocks, while Antpool controls a 24.66% share with 148 blocks mined. The concentration of mining power has also been distributed across five pools, with these pools collectively controlling 80% of BTC’s hash rate. 

This centralization of power effectively threatens Bitcoin’s decentralized nature, as concentrated control over hash rates could give these pools influence over decision-making processes and potential censorship of transactions. 

“A minority of miners control substantial resources, undermining the decentralized ethos that Bitcoin claims to uphold. This scenario questions the egalitarian nature that BTC was purported to represent,” Stadelmann stated to BeInCrypto. 

Financial Accelerate BTC’s Centralization Concerns

The Komodo CEO has also cited the increasing involvement of leading financial institutions in Bitcoin mining operations as another concerning factor that could potentially downplay Bitcoin’s decentralization

Prominent financial services organizations like BlackRock, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and Vanguard currently own significant shares in two of the world’s largest Bitcoin mining companies, Riot Blockchain and Marathon Digital Holding. Notably, Vanguard and BlackRock remain the largest shareholders of these two companies. 

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Stadelmann has disclosed that the increased involvement of financial giants in BTC mining operations may pose a centralization risk, with decision-making and control over Bitcoin’s network potentially becoming concentrated among a select number of individuals. 

Traditionally, Bitcoin’s fundamental principles were designed to uphold decentralization, distributing power among a diverse group of people and eliminating third-party control from the government and regulatory agencies. 

However, Stadelmann has cautioned that the growing centralization within the Bitcoin network could offset the balance, potentially stripping BTC of its decentralized nature and diminishing its original purpose within the financial sector.  

He has emphasized the need for further discussions regarding the true beneficiaries of this digital currency. This suggests examining whether BTC benefits the broader crypto community and global economy or if it’s potentially falling under the control of entities possibly aiming to monopolize BTC’s power through the domination of mining pools.  

Bitcoin price chart from Tradingview.com

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