Top Analyst Predicts Massive Altcoin Rally, Investors Stocking Bitcoin Cash, Rebel Satoshi Arcade, and Arbitrum

  • According to MikybullCrypto, an altcoin market surge is imminent.
  • Bitcoin Cash and Arbitrum are being predicted by analysts to skyrocket to $1,000 and $4, respectively.
  • Analysts have forecasted the price of Rebel Satoshi Arcade’s $RECQ to reach $1.5 in the altcoin market rally. 

Crypto analyst MikybullCrypto tweeted that the altcoin market is about to make a huge move. The analyst states that alt coins have always gone down, and a massive price jump will follow. Based on this prediction, analysts have increased their stakes in these coins – Bitcoin Cash, Rebel Satoshi Arcade, and Arbitrum.

Rebel Satoshi Arcade ($RECQ) To Reach $1.5

In addition to Bitcoin Cash and Arbitrum, market analysts and experts forecast the Rebel Satoshi Arcade ($RECQ) to be another huge gainer in the upcoming rally. Now, $RECQ is worth $0.0037 and is in the first presale stage. The new DeFi project has ten presale phases, and its price will rise again at the commencement of every phase.

This model makes $RECQ an interesting token to buy for investors in the growing stage of their portfolios. In addition, analysts have forecasted that the price of $RECQ will hit as high as $1.5 this year. This rise is good value for newbies and more experienced traders and investors.

The second point, why acquiring a $RECQ token is an excellent idea lies in its application in the Rebel Satoshi Arcade game. $RECQ is called the transactional token of the Rebel Satoshi Arcade game. It is for fees, gaming tools, the best NFTs, and other merchandise. It also allows the owners to partake in different games that may enable them to earn some exciting prizes.

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Bitcoin Cash (BCH): Analysts Remain Bullish About $1,000

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has been a top performer in the crypto market, trading as high as $694.60 on the weekly chart. Nonetheless, over the weekend, the coin underwent a major correction along with the rest of the market, which saw its price drop below the $400 support level.

Fortunately, Bitcoin Cash bulls showed remarkable strength under this support level. With their efforts, the altcoin price recovered above $400, even surging above the $540 resistance. With losses still at 23.7% on the weekly and 18.4% on the monthly, BCH could be near a large price pump.

Just as MikybullCrypto predicted, altcoins are gearing up for a big rally. A large chunk of traders is positive that the price of Bitcoin Cash will move from $700 to $1,000. Therefore, investors should consider adding Bitcoin Cash to their portfolios now.

A New All-Time High on the Horizon for Arbitrum (ARB)

Apart from Bitcoin Cash, Arbitrum (ARB) can also be considered as one of the tokens to gain in this rally. Arbitrum had also initiated an upward move on April 15th same with Bitcoin Cash. From the low of $1.14, the alt coin has gained and passed on the $1.25 level.

If this upward movement continues, Arbitrum will be at $1.30 and then $1.40. Analysts are long-term bullish on Arbitrum and expect it to outgrow its present all-time high of $2.39. They have suggested a target price of $4 in the upcoming altcoin market rally.

Final Thoughts 

Most savvy and prudent investors and traders are already catching up with the upcoming altcoins rally, buying Bitcoin Cash, Rebel Satoshi Arcade, and Arbitrum. According to analysts, they might deliver substantial profits within the next few weeks, making them the best cryptos to buy.

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