Solana’s DePIN Project Launches New Digital Currency for Cloud Computing


The DePIN project under Solana, known as ionet, has revealed the economic structure for its new digital currency, the IO token, aimed at revolutionizing the cloud computing landscape. This announcement details the issuance of 800 million IO tokens, with an initial allocation of 500 million at launch. The remainder will be distributed to hardware providers and their financial supporters as hourly rewards, fostering an innovative incentive model.

Ionet, with its new currency,, aspires to establish a universally accessible, decentralized cloud computing network. This initiative is poised to offer affordable and flexible computing capacity, promoting permissionless access for developers globally. The concept likens compute capacity to “digital oil,” which is vital for powering today’s cutting-edge industries such as artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles.

The IO token is set to become the backbone of a new ecosystem designed to facilitate the building, training, and deployment of machine learning models directly on the blockchain. Integrating this process with the blockchain, ionet ensures real-time model deployment and efficient machine-learning operations, creating a robust environment for innovation in various computing-intensive fields.

At the core of ionet’s vision lies the IOG Network, or the Internet of GPUs, a decentralized infrastructure that leverages many geo-distributed nodes operated by various contributors. From individual crypto miners to large data centers, participants can contribute their unused computing power, making it available for on-demand tasks. This system allows for a democratized distribution of resources, crucial for startups and innovators, particularly in developing regions.

Token Distribution and Economic Incentives

The IO ecosystem is designed to support a triad of participants: GPU renters, who use the tokens to access computational power; GPU owners, who earn tokens by providing their resources; and IO coin holders, who help secure the network’s operations. This structure ensures a balanced approach, catering to various stakeholders within the ecosystem.

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To stimulate network participation and growth, ionet has implemented a novel reward system, following a disinflationary model, where IO tokens are distributed hourly over 20 years. This approach incentivizes sustained engagement from suppliers and ensures a gradual distribution of tokens, aligning long-term interests.

Maintaining network integrity is paramount. IO tokens play a role in securing the network through collateral requirements for node operation and additional staking to boost reliability and service quality. This layered security model reinforces the network’s resilience against potential threats and ensures dependable service delivery.

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