These Billion-Dollar Companies Are the Owners of BlackRock’s 205,000 BTC – When Will JPMorgan Buy Bitcoin?

  • BlackRock’s IBIT ETF is setting the pace in the Bitcoin ETF sector, hinting at a broader adoption among institutional investors.
  • JPMorgan’s potential entry into Bitcoin could hinge on evolving market dynamics and increasing interest in cryptocurrency investment strategies.

BlackRock’s IBIT ETF has swiftly emerged as a leader in the Bitcoin ETF arena, drawing substantial attention from about 30 institutional investors, which accounts for only 0.2% of the outstanding shares. Despite appearing minimal, Bloomberg’s ETF expert Eric Balchunas suggests this is just the “tip of the iceberg,” indicating significant potential for more widespread adoption.

Despite most Bitcoin ETFs in the U.S. experiencing zero inflows recently, the IBIT ETF stands out with notable inflows of $73.4 million, as mentioned in a CNF YouTube video.


Following this detail, Eric Balchunas further illuminated the sector’s dynamics in a tweet, stating that approximately 30 fund managers, mostly funds and advisors, hold about 0.2% of the shares issued. This represents just the beginning of broader engagement, as he noted a lot of “nibbling” going on, demonstrated by the small percentage of portfolio numbers.

Balchunas also updated on Fidelity’s FBTC ETF in another tweet, indicating that it has 11 holders, representing the same minor percentage of total shares, including investors like the Baldwin Brothers. This highlights a similar cautious but growing interest in the cryptocurrency space among institutional investors.

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When Will JPMorgan Buy Bitcoin?

To determine when JPMorgan might buy Bitcoin, consider these factors:

  1. Growth and Interest in Bitcoin ETFs: BlackRock’s IBIT ETF is gaining traction among fund managers but still represents a small share of the market. This shows a growing, albeit cautious, interest from institutional investors.
  2. Market Dynamics and Investor Behavior: The practice of “nibbling” and the cautious accumulation of Bitcoin ETF shares indicate increasing acceptance and potential for more institutional investment in Bitcoin.
  3. ETF Market Conditions: Although most Bitcoin ETFs haven’t seen inflows recently, the IBIT ETF stands out with significant net inflows, highlighting rising interest.

While there’s no direct information on JPMorgan’s Bitcoin strategy, the increasing institutional interest in Bitcoin ETFs like IBIT suggests a potential shift towards Bitcoin in the broader financial industry. If JPMorgan assesses these trends and finds alignment with their investment strategy and risk management, they might consider Bitcoin investments.

The decision would depend on trends in institutional adoption and regulatory clarity. As BlackRock leads the way, JPMorgan might follow if they perceive strategic advantages or financial benefits, particularly if ETFs continue to attract conservative fund managers.

Despite the anticipated approval of Bitcoin Spot ETFs for BlackRock and JPMorgan, which is driving investor excitement, this development is reflecting positively on Bitcoin’s market value, according to a recent CNF report, .  Bitcoin price chart on Coin Market Cap shows a decrease of 8.05% in the past week, pricing Bitcoin at $63,538.

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