Unveiling the Skyrocketing Stars: BRISE, BEFE, and CENX Lead the Crypto Market Today

In the financial market pump and dump is quite common. Every market either stock, bond, or crypto, prices dump once in a while. This type of fall is healthy for the market to move in an upward direction. Whales try to manipulate the market and accumulate or increase their position in the asset. The crypto market has crashed – Yes! It’s like a crash, and most crypto prices are more than 50% down in a month. 

This can be your opportunity to grab the coins that have the potential to give multi-bagger returns. Let us unveil the skyrocketing Stars: BRISE, BEFE, and CENXin in the crypto market.

BEFE: The Meme Coin Sansation?

BEFE coin is more than a hyp, unlike most meme coins in the market. BEEF comes with the utility, and BEFE has integrations with Bitgert. This allows BRISE holders to stake their holdings and earn BEFE coins as a reward. This partnership will help both the community of BEFE and BRISE in the long term. 

The BEFE coin is trading at $0.0002227 per BEFE. In terms of returns, BEFE has been one of the top-performing meme coins in the last month. BEFE has surged about 100% in March 2024, making it people’s favorite coin for their portfolio.

BRISE: The Fastest Blockchain?

Bitgert is currently one of the fastest blockchain networks in the crypto industry. It has a transaction speed of 100,00 TPS, which is way more than Ethereum 15 TPS.

Moreover, Other than the BEFE partnership, Bitgert has announced multiple exchange listings and strategic partnerships with industry top players. This includes Sarvis AI, Thunder Capital, Echoo Wallet, and others. As of 15 March 2024, BRISE coins are available to buy and sell on crypto exchanges at $0.0000001645. Experts predict that this could be one of the top performers in the bull run.

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CENX: The Rising Star?

Similar to the other BEFE and BRISE coins CENX could give a significant move up in the future.  CENX coin has given good returns for early investors, They may have turned a few hundred dollars into thousands of dollars by investing in Centcex. Investors are optimistic about the positive price movement of this coin. could be your opportunity for significant gains going forward. Currently, the CENX coin is trading at $0.000552.


The prices will start rising of coins like BEFE once the market sentiment changes to positive. And as the Bitcoin halving is about a week left, it is most likely that the sentiment will change to positive in a few weeks. However, it’s better to research cryptocurrencies before making a decision. 



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